Chasing Davies: Outfit Inspirations: Mixing Colors

November 20, 2009

Outfit Inspirations: Mixing Colors

J.Crew taught me how to mix colors in a single outfit, and that I don't have to pair a bright with black, khaki, or jeans. JC showed me how to make colors like olive green, maroon, navy, grey, yellow, light pink, etc neutrals and add another unexpected bright. Now I look for that inspiration in other places - refreshing ways to mix and match colors in one outfit with my own clothes.

Most lately, I was inspired by the Saturation Point article in September 2009's issue of Marie Claire. The outfit that most spoke to me was comprised of hunter green, royal blue and regal purple - making this outfit look really rich:

Blue, purple and Green outfit Marie Claire
I applied this inspiration and mixed these colors into my own outfit (I think I still have some practice to do before making my own style look this rich and lux!):

Blue and Green Outfit
I toned my outfit down with black instead of bright purple...but next time I'm going with the purple, too!
New York and Co skirt
Forever 21 Blue/Dark Purple tank
Target cardigan
Banana Republic Tights
Nine West Booties