Chasing Davies: J.Crew Inspiring Outfits, Part Deux

November 13, 2009

J.Crew Inspiring Outfits, Part Deux

Remember my first post of real life outfits inspired by J.Crew? I continued to be inspired by, once again, J.Crew - here is another post of my real life outfits, with my real life clothes (some J.Crew, but not all...I just happen to have a lot of JC clothes). I love to mix and match my own clothes based on JC's innovative color mixes and matches:

I love the mixes of colors here - light blues and turquoise with lime green! I'm just missing a peach/light pink jacket! :)

What I wore:
J.Crew Corsage Cardigan
Gap striped button down shirt, similar
J.Crew Skirt (Mr.s Obama has this one, too)

This inspiration was more for the layers. I layered a summer ruffle button down top, similar to the one the J.Crew model is wearing, over a long-sleeved shirt and wrapped a skinny belt around the middle (which you can hardly see past the ruffles).

What I wore:
J.Crew Cords, similar
Limited pink top
Target long sleeve shirt
Old Navy silver skinny belt

J.Crew's Bistro Orange color is one I'd not have picked before seeing examples of how to wear it. I love the different colorings I'll be able to pair with this Bistro Orange skirt. I was inspired for this outfit by the light pink tops and orange shorts and tights of the two J.Crew models.

My outfit happens to be all J.Crew this time.
Hammered-Metal Skirt
Merino ethereal ruffle cardigan