Chasing Davies: Faux-Fur Thoughts?

November 4, 2009

Faux-Fur Thoughts?

Hello Friends. I have a question for you... What do you think about Faux-Fur? I'd NEVER buy the real thing, so that's not even an option. Faux-fur seems to be very trendy right now, and it's very cozy and warm. It can be an easy dress up option/jacket or casual Bo-ho look. But I also wouldn't want to spend much, because who knows how long I'd wear it for...

Here are some faux-fur options:

Luscious Faux Fur Vest from

Belted Chenille Vest from

Cropped Faux Fur Shrug from

Mossimo® Black Women's Faux Fur Swing Jacket

Limited Edition Faux Mink Wrap

faux-fur Rachel vest from
$60, but 30% off anything from
with code "Preview" now through 11/16
and Free Shipping on orders over $75
So really... it's only $42

faux fur Isabelle coat from
$153, but with 30% off = $
so pretty...

Gray Faux-fur jacket from
This one might be my fav...adorable.

So, what do you think? Do you own a faux-fur piece? Interested in getting one?