Chasing Davies: Low Fat Wednesday: The Perfect Sandwich

October 28, 2009

Low Fat Wednesday: The Perfect Sandwich

Easy lunch. Quick eat. On the go ability. Fast prep, no clean up. The Sandwich.

But, this easy lunch can sometimes add on calories unbeknown to the eater... Here's my no-fail, totally filling, satisfying and easy sandwich:

Using hummus as a substitute for mayo/miracle whip and even cheese (I know, that part is harder for me, but just try it!), dramatically cuts down on calories, but also ups the nutritional values and satisfying leave behind.

Using my favorite bread, Arnold Sandwich Thins, I spread a good amount of hummus on each bun. Then I add fresh, lean turkey from the deli. This sets up the basics for a nice sandwich - but from here I add tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber slices - whatever veggies I have around!

Easy, HEALTHY lunch.