Chasing Davies: The POD has Arrived...

September 24, 2009

The POD has Arrived...

So we did it! Signed our life away (about a few hundred times, so it felt). Hubs and I are officially proud owners of our very first house!

As I mentioned in the last post, it took about 6 months to get to this point. And in that time frame, our lease on the duplex that we were renting went up. For close to 2 months, we crashed with my parents. Now, it sounds way worse that it was. They are awesome, have a nice big house with plenty of room for Hubs, Chucky-Bear (fur baby) and I and we save loads of money by not paying rent/utilities. The only down part was that they live farther south than from where we work - so commuting was a little rough (but I'm being a baby about it).

In that time frame, we stored all our stuff in a POD, Portable Moving Container. The POD was dropped off at our rental, we stuffed it to the gill and then they picked it up to store for the next 2 months. Today it arrived in our new home driveway! They called me to let me know and even made sure it was ok where they were placing it. They have been nothing but easy to work with. If you ever need moving and/or storage help...I totally recommend POD. The prices are very competative, if not cheaper.

Just a little plug for a great moving experience (and those are hard to come by)!

Tonight, to help celebrate Hubs 29th Birthday, we'll be unloading the sucker.

Photos from POD website