Chasing Davies: New Home Pieces Have Arrived!

September 30, 2009

New Home Pieces Have Arrived!

Today we got our new appliances!! Which really makes the kitchen feel like a know, when you have a place to put your food and something to cook with - that helps...

The Gorgeous Stainless Steel GE Fridge:

GE Stainless Refrigerator @ Chasing Davies

The not-even-unwrapped-yet Stainless Steel GE Range:

GE Stainless Range @ Chasing Davies(it's not blue, that's the protective wrapping...)

And our first piece of new furniture together (cue awwws now). Gorgeous TV Console from Nebraska Furniture Mart - LOVE. Can't wait to get the big flat screen up there (and paint on the walls....):

 TV Console and Stand for Wide Screens @ Chasing DaviesChucky-Bear's butt

And speaking of the Chuck (fur baby, Charlie - the dog of many nicknames), his grandparents (my parents) got him a new and improved huge bed! Look how happy he is in his new bed!

Dog Bed @ Chasing Davies