Chasing Davies: Low Fat Wednesday - A tasty quick treat

September 16, 2009

Low Fat Wednesday - A tasty quick treat

I've tried a lot of nutrition bars in my adult life - they are easy to throw in your purse and grab them for a filling snack or meal on those busy days. Through all my trials I've found Zone bars to be the best. They taste like a rich candy bar and are so filling and satisfying.

My absolute fav: Chocolate Peanut Butter

There are many flavor and product options:
Classic Flavors, Dark Chocolate, Fruitified, and snack-sized.

The best thing about these great tasting bars, is the nutrition. In ordinance with the Zone Diet, these bars have a well-balance, high protein mix:

Classic Chocolate Peanut Butter Facts

I always have one in my purse for when I get into a bind and need something filing. And if I'm craving something sweet, like after lunch - I turn to this. Gives me energy and is satisfying. :)

This is not endorsed by Zone in any way.