Chasing Davies: Dress for Less - Ruffles

September 25, 2009

Dress for Less - Ruffles

Hey hey! I'm squeezing in some regular programming! :) This week's Dress for less is on the oh so popular ruffle trend, find many options and price points here:

I know you can guess where the one on the right is from, and right now it's actually not expensive at all, as it's on sale! The one on the left, though, is still have the price.

Besides one having sleeves and the other being a tank, these ruffle neck tops are very similar, and both equally as cute!

One of these is $88 and one is $20.

Long Sleeve ruffle knit - these look virtually the exact same...!
BUT there is a $22 difference between the right and left one.

Ruffle Bib Tanks

On the home front, everything is going well! We unloaded half the POD last night with the help of family. It's all a little overwhelming right now, but as I start to organize and put away our stuff piece by piece, it'll probably get a little better! :)

Have a great weekend!