Chasing Davies: Dress For Less - Lux Necklace

September 4, 2009

Dress For Less - Lux Necklace

Hello friends! Happy HAPPY Friday - the Friday of a LONG weekend! Any big plans?? I have a ton going on! KU Football starts and a full day of tailgating and the game ensues tomorrow. Friends and family are in town and I look forward to hanging out with them all.

On the house front - we finished all negotiations, inspections and everything! Now we just wait until closing and start deciding how we're going to decorate! eeek! SO exciting.

So to the more fun stuff. Dress for less. Look at these lux necklaces. Both similar in idea and so cute. But, one is $10.80 and one is $78...

1 2

So, what do you think? I happen to own the cheaper one and LOVE it.