Chasing Davies: Wear Now, Wear Later - New Skinny Jeans!

August 25, 2009

Wear Now, Wear Later - New Skinny Jeans!

Hello hello! Sorry for the late night post today, but it's been a BUSY day.

A little bit about me real quick - yesterday the house we were under contract with (a short-sale, so messy) officially fell through. Today we got all proper and legal forms signed to be surely released from that home and get our escrow money back. Today we also, over lunch, jumped back on the band wagon and went to look for a new home...again. Well, one had happened to come on the market today, so our realtor got us in and we immediately loved it! In the area we wanted, had 3 bedrooms, with a potential to build out a 4th, 2.5 bathrooms, 2 car garage, fenced in backyard and potential to grow into it and update it. Had it all...and in our comfortable price range. So, right then and there - we went and made an offer. A couple hours later, found out our offer (of asking price) was accepted and we are now under contract for the 5th house in 5 months. Let's hope this one is IT! I'll keep you updated....

So back to Tuesday's Wear now AND later post: The item...the jeans I eluded to a few posts ago - skinny (yes, skinny...) jeans I found in Chicago at Filene's Basement for $40 dollars!! You're thinking, ok $40...that's not a great price. Well, this brand is sold at Nordy's for lots more than that, and has a GREAT fit (now, I'd pay triple for a great fit in jeans - something I always have a very hard time finding).

The brand? Don't laugh at me. Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYDJ for short). Yup.

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Tummy Tuck Women's Slim Fit Pant With Ankle Zipper

You can see me wearing them in a couple previous posts since my Chicago trip.
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So, the best part? The part about the tummy tuck - so true. It just fits so wonderfully - pulls the abs in. Does not push them out and over to create a muffin top. It does not sit so low that your thong and ass-crack hang out. It also does not squeeze you so tight you feel like you can't breathe, let alone eat (though maybe not eating is ok...). Nope, none of that. They just fit, nicely and appealing and they are slimming and sooo comfortable. They are very soft.So anyways, you must try them. If you've steered away from skinny jeans (or any jeans), try this brand. I have a hard time with jeans. I need to buy like 3 different sizes and have them combined into one to fit me, but these slipped right on perfectly. Ok, enough get it, right? Where you can find these specific jeans?

Amazon ($108) and where I got them, Filene's Basement in Chicago (830 N. Michigan Avenue)

But you can find many other NYDJ styles many other department stores and online.

So how did I wear my new skinny jeans today, in the now (summer, 80s, icky, yet cold at the office)?I wore the skinny jeans with a embellished short-sleeve, zip up cardigan (I call it my Michael Jackson shirt) - the one pictured is similar, though my embellishment was down the center. I wore this cardi over a long gray t-shirt and with bright green Franco Sarto Wedges (a few years ago, the pair pictured have the same color).

And how can I wear these later, when it's colder, with layers (fall, please...!)?

Wear a fun, loose cut blouse/shirt - like this super cute one (pictured). Add a warm, cozy sweater cardigan over this for layers of warmth! Tuck the bottom of the jeans into some tall boots.

So, what do you think about the brand - NYDJ? Have you ever tried them on? Would you ever...?