Chasing Davies: Shoe of the Day - Coach Wedges

August 20, 2009

Shoe of the Day - Coach Wedges

I'm in Chicago - been in work meetings, but get to stay the weekend to have fun. I have already hit the shops though...!! My co-workers, Filene's Basement and I had a good time. I scored a beautiful pair of coach wedges for cheap. They are so pretty and comfy.

You can score these beauties yourself through Ebay, variety colors and sizes.

Oh how I love Chicago...I've gotten a few other things...Jeans (skinny jeans, which I NEVER thought I could wear - but the brand I got - post on that to follow soon - really changed my view), Jewelry, and Fun bedazzled Michael Jackson-esq short sleeve zipper card (hah, long discription, I'll post a pic soon, because I think it's so funny - in a good way).

Most excited to hit up J.Crew and Anthro!!! They have better and bigger stores here than in KC and I am READY!!!! So I'll follow up with my, hopefully, exciting purchases soon....!!!

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Hope you're have a great week!