Chasing Davies: Happy Friday: Dress for Less

August 7, 2009

Happy Friday: Dress for Less

Hellooooo lovelies! It's Friday! The weekend is here! Any big plans??

Well, I'm going to start with today, this post doing a series called "Dress For Less". Every Friday I'll post one or more finds that rival more expensive brands' versions.

Starting with today. TWO Items: A cute shirt and bag. Can you guess which one is the more expensive one??

The left shirt and the right shirt - which one is more $?
Click to find out or look at the bottom of this post!

What about this cute purse?
The left purse and the right purse
Which is more?

The Answers:

The Ruffle V-neck T:
The one of the left is JCrew's on sale for $29.99. That isn't a bad price and I own it in white and love it. BUT....
For only $14.99 you can get 2 for the cost of one of JCrew's at Old Navy!

The Zipper Purse:
For only $29.99, the one of the left is from Target.
That rivals the cost of the purse on the right, which is $258 (!!!) and from Urban Outfitters.

Check back next Friday for more finds!

Have an amazing weekend!