Chasing Davies: Organizing Sunday

July 5, 2009

Organizing Sunday

After I got engaged, I moved in with my now husband. I never really settled in or decorated much, as we're house hunting and now in a rental. But "my" room (where all my stuff was stuffed) was getting out of hand. Now that we have a contract on a house, our current rental abode will start to be shown to other potential renters...I need to take control of my space.

First project - cleaning and organizing my dresser top...

Here's the before:

And the after:

First step, throwing away clutter, trash and paper that I didn't need anymore accumulating on my dresser. Pack away some of the clutter that I didn't need. Soon we'll be moving to a 3-bedroom house and instead of shoving our stuff into a 2-bedroom town home, we'll have an added room to spread our junk!

Second, organizing my jewelry and perfumes. I have a separate jewelry armor, but find that the stuff I wear most gets left out anyways - so a decorative place to put it works nice. I got the Urban Outfitter Birch Tree stand I blogged here about last month. The body stand was a gift given to me by a friend. The white perfume box was taken from the bottom of a Cookie Bouquet. I plan to spray paint it a more matching color whenever we move and start decorating (I just don't know what it will be yet!).

I can't wait to start decorating our new home...and I'll definately be blogging on that new adventure. But until then, it's cleaning and packing and organizing... Any tips??