Chasing Davies: DIY: Gift Wrap

July 21, 2009

DIY: Gift Wrap

In this era of being green - recycling, reducing and reusing - I do my part, and spice up a gift with a unique flare, by reusing my magazines to create gift wrap. I recently gave a friend a birthday gift covered in brightly colored ads, cute boys, funny cats and beachy scenes.

Here's how I created this too-cute to open package:

1. Grab a stack of old magazines that you don't mind ripping out some ads and pretty pictures. Get to work by tearing (as gently as possible to keep the edges smooth - or just use scissors to smooth them out) out pages that match a colors or a theme, or just appeal to you!

2. Depending on the size of the package, tape the magazine sheets ripped out together to form wrapping paper. And then wrap as normal, tapping where needed.

To make a bow-replaced topper:

1. Cut strips of ads about 1-1.5 inches thick and at 5 inch lengths.

2. Use 4 strips at about 5 inches long (depending on how much room you have on top of your gift), make 2 X's and pillow tape down. This is the first layer.

3. To make the next layer, use 4 of the same strips of paper and fold each one in half (doesn't need to be perfectly in half or centered). Pillow tape the folded paper together and tape to base of bow.

4. The 3rd layer, cut 2-4 of the 5" long strips in half (depending on how full you want it). Then fold those 4-8 strips in half and pillow tape to the center of the bow, pointing all different directions.

5. Bend the pieces up and fold towards the middle so they appear more fluffy and stand up.

And there you have a very cute, unique and fun package to give a gift in. And I feel greener by the minute!

What do you do with your old magazines? Do you have any good ideas for reusing them?