Chasing Davies: 2018 Family Photos!

December 13, 2018

2018 Family Photos!


We do family photos about every year and a half, so that I can capture my family in different seasons with enough time in between to see a real difference in their growth.  You can see our family photos taken in 2017 (Spring) and 2015 (Fall), and how quickly these babies of mine are growing!  

This year we bounced around the River Market, and I was very happy with how well my kids cooperated. You never really know - especially after a long day of work/school, and in that witching hour for that magic light.  My trick is little candies that can eat as we walk in-between locations (nothing that takes too long to eat, like suckers - that was a past mistake).  My favorite candy to bring is mini-Twizzlers.

This has been a big year of major growth for my kiddos. They both sprouted up in height, they've lost teeth, each learning a ton for their respective ages, and have mastered getting their own cereal (yessss!!!). But.... would love time to slow down a bit! These little people of mine just might be teenagers the next time I turn around.

Our family outfit pieces:

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