Chasing Davies: Family Pictures!

May 17, 2017

Family Pictures!


We like to get updated family pictures every 18 months or so, so the kids look different enough and we get a different season/look, typically alternating between fall and springtime photos.  This year, I also wanted to add in my immediate family for updated (long overdue) photos.  So my sister, mom and dad also make an appearance. They also helped immensely keeping the kids entertained and happy - but having a good photographer also helps with that.  Another tip, after I failed miserably at our last pictures, bringing little treats that are EASY to eat.  

Fall 2015 family photos, I brought lolly pops - but those take wayyyy to long to eat, so when I'd go to take the candy away for a few pictures, they'd revolt and get even more upset than the mood they were in before I whipped out the candy in the first place.  Nora was not into the photo session last time (she was pretty young, and totally didn't get it - nor could she be bribed very easily), but this year, she had a ton more fun with it - and thankfully, we got tons of cute, smiley pics of her (and Liam, but he's always pretty good about smiling for pictures) this year.

Here are some of my favorites! Now I just need to get some printed to update all our photo walls/frames. Do you have any suggestions on what online company to print from?

We used my friend Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography and we took pictures on the lawn of the Nelson Atkins Museum, one of my favorite spots in Kansas City!

Our Outfit Details:

MAMA - Dress & Booties
NORA - Dress & Shoes
LIAM - Shirt & Shoes (and here)

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