Chasing Davies: Liam's 7th Birthday Party!

December 18, 2018

Liam's 7th Birthday Party!


This time of year is ultra crazy! On top of holiday shindigs and prep and end of year work craziness, both of my babies turn another year older. Nora's birthday was last month (here), and this last week we celebrated my sweet Liam's 7th! This boy of mine, who made me a mama (what feels like only yesterday) is already SEVEN.

We celebrated on his actual day - with dinner out to the place of his choice. He chose PepperJax. Then we had a family dinner out a few days later, and then culminated this year's celebrations with a soccer party at the Soccer Lot with his sports-loving friends.  The coach led them in several different games, ending in a soccer game - but most importantly, they all ran and ran!

His group of friends is one wild, competitive group - but oh so wonderful! I love them all so.  And sweet lil sister made sure she was at her brother's birthday party. She watched the whole time, cheering Liam on in the various games.  After pizza and cake, we ended the party with a competitive foosball competition. 

We had a great time! The Soccer Lot is a wonderful spot - very cool, open, nice fields and most importantly, the boys all had fun.  And I still can't believe my little Liam is a tall seven year old. 

We love you to the moon and back, Liam!

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