Chasing Davies: 7 Outdoor Fall Adventures to do in Kansas City!

September 9, 2016

7 Outdoor Fall Adventures to do in Kansas City!

We are entering my favorite time of year.  In Kansas City, it doesn't last long, so I make the most of it.  Every weekend in the fall - the rare (and all to brief) time it's not too hot and not too cold - I make my list of favorite family-friendly (and even some adult only) activities to do to make sure we get outside and tire out before the long winter ahead (hah!).  

I wanted to share some of my favorite Kansas City outdoor adventures to do as a family in the fall (and would love to hear your favorite fall outings, too!)!

1. Sunflower Field!  This one is super brief. The yellow sea of sunflowers bloom every year between late August and early September and last for about 2-3 weeks before their bright yellow face droop down.  We went last weekend over the long holiday weekend, and this year was the busies yet!  The little farm roads leading to Grinter Farms were actually shut down by area cops on Monday because of the high traffic - but I think all is open now.  You probably have another week or so to get in some good sightings before the beautiful flowers start to fade off.

You can see our visit to the field last year here, and the year before here (back when it wasn't as crowded...and the babies were babies!).

2. Apple Picking!  We've gone every year since Liam was one year old, and I don't know who has more fun - me or the kids!  I just LOVE it.  It's so fun to show the kids where food grows, and to get them involved.  Plus, pick a good day and there is no sight more beautiful then the big open sky and tons of orchards lined up. Plus, the smell of apple donuts is just a wonderful bonus.  We plan to go earlier this year - hopefully beat some of the crowds and get some of the redder apples!  Our favorite spot is Cider Hill (though we've gone to Weston before, too) - not sure what we'll do this year.  Do something new, or stick to what we love???

See photos from 20132014 and last year!

3.  Loose Park.  We got to Loose Park a lot, it Kansas City's version of Central Park with a little bit of everything for a full morning or afternoon that can really wear the kids out.  We love walking around the pond, looking for ducks, playing on the playground equipment or, of course, having a picnic (pretty much give me a picnic and I'm happy).  With tons of space to run - the kids can move all around while in sight - a great place to fly kites (or drones these days), too!  

See our last picnic at Loose Park here, and one from a couple of years ago here.

4. Nelson Atkins Museum - South Lawn and Sculpture Park.  This might be my most favorite outdoor spot for a picnic and stroll.  This lawn never ceases to amaze me, or my kiddos.  The start of last weekend's long holiday weekend was spent with an evening picnic on the Nelson lawn, and then we conquered the glass-walled maze (after Nora ran straight into a few walls - oops!).  Liam was most excited about this adventure - and he can't wait to take dad back (who was at the Royals came during this adventure of mine with the kids) to show him how he can get to the middle!

See a picnic a few years ago (when I was preggo with Nora) here, and our sledding adventure last in the same spot here!

5. Plaza Art Fair.  This is a favorite for both an adult-friend night (leaving the kids at home with my parents or a babysitter) and for hitting up the weekend-long art fair during the day (for lunch or dinner) with the kids.  We all love this annual event that is well known across the city and beyond.  I can't wait to go again this year (several times!).

You can see a bit about last year's Plaza Art Fair here!

6. KC's Renaissance Festival!  One of the nations best, it goes on between September 3rd and October 16th!  We went for the first time (as a family) last year and had so much fun - the kids really enjoyed it, and we rode an elephant!  I think as the kids get even older (like this year will be really good), they'll enjoy it even more.  I'm really looking forward to it!

7. Pumpkin Patch.  This one is a no-brainer, sure, but can't be left off. It's a great holiday and seasonal activity for the whole family. And these days, a pumpkin patch isn't just a pumpkin patch. We typically hit up Johnson Farms for pumpkins, tractor rides, playground of fire trucks, sand bus and tires, pumpkin chunker, and animals!  Where is your favorite pumpkin patch?

See our Pumpkin Patch adventures in 2013, 2014 and last year here!

What are YOUR favorite Fall activities and adventures to do as a family?

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