Chasing Davies: A Sea of Yellow

September 6, 2015

A Sea of Yellow

tips for visiting the kansas sunflower field

It's an annual tradition for us, but it never ceases to take my breath away when we turn the corner off of Highway 24 and immediately greeted with a breathtaking sea of yellow.  Grinter Farm's has been serving up millions of sunflowers for over 30 years and in the last couple of years, the popularity has grown and grown. 

The sunflowers are in full bloom at 24154 Stillwell Rd., Lawrence, KS 66044 - but they don't stay this pretty for long. I think they're at their peek this weekend, so get on over there to take in this natural wonder.  Plus, when you live in the sunflower state, it's basically your duty to visit the actual sunflower field. 


1. Go early or late (before sunset) so it's not so hot and you can avoid some people - though the more professional photographers will probably be angling for a sunset pics.

2. When you first see the field, keep driving around. The field goes WAY back, so you can likely find some spots that are away from the masses of the people.

3. There are even some trees - we didn't do this, and we should have, but  if it's really sunny, you can likely get some better snaps in the shaded part near the trees.

4. Take water with you (to drink), it's hot out there!

5. There are TONS of bees - they love the pollen on the sunflowers. But really they want nothing to do with you when they have all these sunflowers to suckle, so if you don't bother them, they'll likely not both you.  Just be aware - especially with little ones and if you're allergic.

6. We didn't do this either, but you can actually pick some flowers. I was a little taken aback at some people who were leaving with arm loads of sunflowers... just make sure you donate money to the collection boxes around the perimeter of the field for each flower you take - and be respectful to other's who are coming to view these babies in their natural habitat.

7. Wear light clothing that you don't mind getting dirty and shoes you also don't mind getting dirty. Depends on how much adventuring into the field you want to do, but you may consider closed-toe shoes (I wore birks, however, and besides just getting dirty, it was fine).

Have fun - and if you go and post a pic - I'd love to see it!  Just tag @ChasingDavies! 

You can see last year's post right here!  My how everyone has grown (except for Nora's hair - haha!).

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