Chasing Davies: The Coolest Hand Made Goods for Kids!

September 12, 2016

The Coolest Hand Made Goods for Kids!

It is such a good day when what the kids want to wear the things I'm hoping they'll want to wear.  And that's why I have really involved them in the process of picking out clothes - from the store to the morning of.  There are a few brands that we all can get behind!

I'm so smitten over Hazel & Ollie, a shop of hand made goods for cool kids (and grown ups, too!).  The owner of the shop, friend Emily, who also owns the Bloom Academy (see more about that here), has a colorful and playful eye that has my kids' interest, and mine!  She also has my daughter now in a tizzy over jewelry. ;)  Nora is obsessed with her new jewelry - loves the fun wooden beads (hand painted by Emily) and sweet charms, especially the ice cream cone!

The clothing is just beautifully done. It's all made to order, hand sewn and embroidered. I have my eye on these pieces for many kiddo gifts to come!  It's the perfect meaningful and personalized gift to give!  My kids love wearing clothing that are totally for them, they feel special and excited in these pieces - and that makes me happy.   It's a win-win!

Hazel & Ollie also makes really cute jewelry for grown ups - which I'll have to show you soon! Stay tuned.

 {It's clear how he feels about her aggressive kiss!}

Hazel & Ollie pieces c/o

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