Chasing Davies: 20 weeks along // Nightmares & Vivid Dreams

July 16, 2013

20 weeks along // Nightmares & Vivid Dreams

Halfway point, 20 weeks usually is, but this week gets me over the hump.  19 more weeks to go... I have a scheduled c-section due to a tilted and, while wide enough (I mean, have you see my hips? child bearing ready!), narrow. Basically after 18 hours of labor, Liam couldn't get through and was delivered via cesarian and all he had to show for the 18 hours was a bruise and dent on his head from hitting the top of my pelvic bone alllllll night. Thankfully, it was gone after only a couple days and he was healthy.

As I've mentioned before, this pregnancy has been different than with Liam. Maybe it's that I'm having a girl? One of the things happening this round vs. last is nightly nightmares and crazy dreams. Almost every night I've dreamt, and half of the time terrible scary things. I wake up throughout the night having to shake the thoughts and images from my mind, slow my heart rate and pee... again. So, nights haven't been super restful. I'm hoping these nightmares and vivid dreams don't last the next 19 weeks. 

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Pop! There she be. 

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