Chasing Davies: Sunny Stripes & Hair Tie Solutions

July 15, 2013

Sunny Stripes & Hair Tie Solutions

Pregnancy is happening over here, no matter how much I try to hide it.  This was the first time I couldn't button my already stretchy pants, thus the visible tank covering my unzipped pant with a hair tie looped around the button holding the top together. At 19.5 weeks on my second pregnancy, the bump is popping out a lot faster than it did with Liam.  And baby girl is taking advantage of all the room in there, doing what feels like cartwheels, high kicks and yoga moves throughout the day and night!  So... should be a pretty fun second half of this preggo journey, I'm sure.

{Outfit Details: Striped Pullover - Madewell (sold out); Pants - Forever21; Shoes (limited sizes left; similar); Necklace; Lips}

{I started eying these a couple weeks ago, here, and they've since made it to me and on my feet. Comfy little buggers they are and pretty much go with everything whether they really go or not, ya know what I mean. Do you ever wonder what you would have worn before getting a new piece of clothing or shoes and proceeding to wear them almost every day?}

 {Enjoyed an evening family walk down to a brook with bridges that Liam loves to cross and stop in the middle to throw sticks off into the water. As the sun was setting we got some good family shadow shots, including the growing bump and all!}

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