Chasing Davies: January 2010

January 30, 2010

Home Wall & Wood Work Prep

This past week, not too much progress has been made on our trim/woodwork and walls, but a lot of prep is in place! Sometimes the taping can take the longest!!

This week, we also discovered, that our living room, dining room and hall ways were missing quarter round and causing a big gap between the trim and the floor. At one point, the previous owner probably had carpet down, and when they went back to hardwoods, never replaced. So we got to do that (the white part).

Charlie loves the camera.

"Oh, here, let me get in this shot and make it better"

Next week, more prep before the paint, the sanding begins! But also wall paint.... which means I'll be making a yellow and grey decision soon (or several to test).

January 29, 2010

And the winner is....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I follow and am planning a wedding so always looking for new ideas.


Thank you, all 3 of you, who participated. haha. Just a little something. Nycole, I will email you for details!

Stay tuned for next week - an even better giveaway!!

Happy Friday!

January 28, 2010

Outfit Inspiration: Hot Pink and Stripes!

Finding inspiration in random places... Old Soul, New Heart is a mother/daughter duo that sells hair accessories, jewelry and belts. They also have fabulous outfits throughout their site, including this hot pink, stripes and black number:

I used this as inspiration, turned it a bit more casual for work - but I'd sure love that feathery skirt (by Haute Hippie, but not avail)!! My take:

My pink cardi look a bit more gumball pink in these pics, but is actually a big more vibrant hot pink in real life. Both cardis (mine and the models) are from J.Crew (no longer avail - similar here).

Since that feathery skirt isn't available, here are some cute textured alternatives:

The dress option:

Haute Hippie - Ostrich Cocktail Dress

Wrong color, but beautiful feathery skirt in pink:

Top Shop - Laser Feather Skirt by Rare

ModCloth - "That's What Little Skirts Are Made Of" Skirt

Bluefly - Necessary Objects Skirt

Bluefly - Free People Skirt

Forever 21 - Mesh Ruffled Knit Skirt

January 27, 2010

Seriously Healthy & Super Good

I was soooo pleasantly surprised how good my latest meal was. A-MAZ-ING.

First, Brussels Sprouts. I always shyed away from these tiny heads of lettuce look-a-likes and scoffed at the name. Brussels Sprouts? ew. But NO, not ew. oooooooo YUM!

They first made their way into a meal I had at a restaurant and thought, hmm, these are pretty good! After I looked into how healthy they are, I was at the store and grabbed some. I Googled recipes and chose one from

Roasted Brussels Sprouts:

I mixed in a few slices of zucchini that were left over from the below recipe!

To go along with my roasted Brussels Sprouts, I made Cream of Zucchini Soup. I follow Gina's WW Recipe's Blog, and besides this soup, she has some AMAZING tried and true recipes.

But on to the soup:

You boil all the ingredients on the stove, and then transfer to your blender to puree. Little tip...

Make sure to hold the lid on TIGHT when puree-ing. Mine flew off (because I was basically just resting my hand atop) and HOT soup went flying everywhere. Thankfully, just a bit got wasted, but the splatters sure did hurt and make a mess...

After this yummy dinner, I got to making a birthday treat for my co-worker. I made a chocolate cake with an interesting twist. Found this recipe from Gina's WW Recipe's Blog, as well.

Chocolate Cake without the oil! Instead? Diet Dr. Pepper! I used Organic Cake mix:

The batter was a lot more liquid than usual and I was afraid I really messed something up...

But I didn't! Just came out super moist:

You don't even need frosting on top - this cake is so moist, but if you wish, fat free Cool Whip would be a good alternative and then topped with Strawberries, or any other fruit. I was really impressed. It was good and almost brownie-like!

Chosing Yellow Paint - Help Appreciated!

I warned you that yellow paint options were coming up next in my grey wall paint post - and since that post turned up some really great comments, feed back and paint suggestions, I couldn't resist but be greedy and ask for MORE help. ;)

Here are some Yellow Paints that we are considering for our living room and dining room:

My friend's yellow breakfast nook

Ralph Lauren Chesapeake Sunset - looks awesome their smaller space, but would it be too bright for a larger space?

Image Source

Paint: Benjamin Moore Mellow Yellow - lighter...

Image: Used Behr Color Smart program

Paint: Behr Sun Shower

Image from

Paint: Behr Wildflower Honey - too much of a golden undertone?

I am having a really hard time finding yellows that I really like. I'm finding some great photos online that portray rooms with yellow walls, but they don't list what the paint color is! Here are some colors I like, but not sure where to get them...

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source
Is this one too neon? too lime?

Any of you amazing people out there have any good yellow suggestions for me?? Thank you!

January 26, 2010

Target Polka Dot Merona Dress Review

A few weeks ago, at Target, I spotted Merona's new spring collection of very Kate Spade-like designs and bold colors and patterns. Back at Target this past weekend, with more time - I tried on Caroline Shirt Dress.

Target Merona Women's Caroline Shirt Dress In real life
I really liked it - it's comfy and cute, but it would definitely need to be hemmed (easy to get done). It went to my mid-shins. I think it'd be a bit younger looking if it went just above the knees.

The belt is attached at the side seems - so it is not removable. I would like it to have been, so you could swap it out with fun belts to switch things up. But I think you could still sport a belt if you wrap the dress belt around and tie in the back, as shown:

Looks cute just worn like that too, for a different look. With a $40 price tag, plus some hemming to be done, I still think this dress is worth it. I haven't gotten it (yet?), but going to keep my eye on it!

Has anyone else tried this dress on? What do you all think? Worth it?

Chosing Grey Paint - Help Appreciated!

We're doing our trim and wood work in our house first (white) - but in the meantime, we are finalizing our our wall paint colors!! I need your help!

We are picking a yellow for the living room, where our new grey couch will live, and dining room walls and grey for the entry way, stairs and upstairs hallway walls.

The Grey Debate...

Updated with this added option (thanks to Chelsea's comment about what she has in her house):

Image Source

Paint: Ralph Lauren Forde Abbey - I like this a lot... as well as the below one, too. Choices Choices. Thanks for all your help and comments - keep 'em coming! :)

Sherwin Williams Requisite GrayImage Source

Paint: Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray

Sherwin Williams Mega GreigeImage Source

Paint: Sherwin Williams Mega Greige - too taupe?

Behr Squirrel PaintImage Source

Paint: Behr Squirrel - bit more brown undertone?

Behr Sparrow Paint
Image Source

Paint: Behr Sparrow - too dark?

Benjamin Moore Kendall CharcoalImage Source

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

What do you guys think?? Do any of you have a Grey paint you love, specifically in hallways and entry ways?

Next up...Yellow paint options.

January 25, 2010

Blazer Love

Well, a couple of weeks ago I went on a blazer mission. Not having one at all - I was needing one bad. Well, I succeeded and got TWO. A fun, funky one and more professional one.

The funky-fun one I got and wore last week, J.Crew's Velvet Eden blazer:

I just loooove this green color. I wore mine over a grey dress, with purple tights and gold accessories. I love green and purple combo.

Velvet Eden Blazer by J.Crew in real life
You can find this blazer on sale for $59.99, plus get 30% off now through the 27th with code: EXTRA30 - Colors that are still available: Darkest Indigo, Harbor Grey, Dark Blossom, Iris, Black & Dark Slate.

Other new, more professional blazer outfit pics to come soon!

New Couch Accessory

Some great house updates are going to be coming soon! We have lots going on. Major painting - walls and all the TRIM! I can't wait, that will really transform the house. Our house is covered with an outdated, caramel colored woodwork. Everything - floor board, molding, mantel, stair rails, shelve, etc.

But for now, I have to share the adorable pillows I got for our new grey couch. Slowly, but surely, my living room is taking shape. My inspirations are becoming visible in my own space!

My new pillows are from Target. One side is grey with yellow flowers:

The other side is yellow with grey flowers:

Grey and Yellow Decorative Throw Pillow
They retail $24.99 each and really make an impact on our grey couch! These are the earrings for the couch, if you will. ;)

And last night as I was catching up on The Bachelor at, I spotted my pillows!!

The bachelor Yellow and Grey PillowsThe Bachelor, Episode 3
Where he sends crazy Michelle home.

More pillows in the grey and yellow realm:

100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Blossom Argento

100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Bloom Argento100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Garnish Argento

100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Cotton Tree Argento

So in the upcoming couple of weeks, there will be more home improvement updates!!
Stay Tuned!