Chasing Davies: New Couch Accessory

January 25, 2010

New Couch Accessory

Some great house updates are going to be coming soon! We have lots going on. Major painting - walls and all the TRIM! I can't wait, that will really transform the house. Our house is covered with an outdated, caramel colored woodwork. Everything - floor board, molding, mantel, stair rails, shelve, etc.

But for now, I have to share the adorable pillows I got for our new grey couch. Slowly, but surely, my living room is taking shape. My inspirations are becoming visible in my own space!

My new pillows are from Target. One side is grey with yellow flowers:

The other side is yellow with grey flowers:

Grey and Yellow Decorative Throw Pillow
They retail $24.99 each and really make an impact on our grey couch! These are the earrings for the couch, if you will. ;)

And last night as I was catching up on The Bachelor at, I spotted my pillows!!

The bachelor Yellow and Grey PillowsThe Bachelor, Episode 3
Where he sends crazy Michelle home.

More pillows in the grey and yellow realm:

100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Blossom Argento

100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Bloom Argento100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Garnish Argento

100% Thai Silk Decor Pillow - Cotton Tree Argento

So in the upcoming couple of weeks, there will be more home improvement updates!!
Stay Tuned!