January 26, 2010

Chosing Grey Paint - Help Appreciated!

We're doing our trim and wood work in our house first (white) - but in the meantime, we are finalizing our our wall paint colors!! I need your help!

We are picking a yellow for the living room, where our new grey couch will live, and dining room walls and grey for the entry way, stairs and upstairs hallway walls.

The Grey Debate...

Updated with this added option (thanks to Chelsea's comment about what she has in her house):

Image Source

Paint: Ralph Lauren Forde Abbey - I like this a lot... as well as the below one, too. Choices Choices. Thanks for all your help and comments - keep 'em coming! :)

Sherwin Williams Requisite GrayImage Source

Paint: Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray

Sherwin Williams Mega GreigeImage Source

Paint: Sherwin Williams Mega Greige - too taupe?

Behr Squirrel PaintImage Source

Paint: Behr Squirrel - bit more brown undertone?

Behr Sparrow Paint
Image Source

Paint: Behr Sparrow - too dark?

Benjamin Moore Kendall CharcoalImage Source

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

What do you guys think?? Do any of you have a Grey paint you love, specifically in hallways and entry ways?

Next up...Yellow paint options.


  1. The first one is my fave!

  2. I agree, the first one is my favorite too.

  3. Thank you! I'm on the same page as you both. Since this is for the hallways, entry way, etc - the grey needs to be a bit lighter and this one fits the bill!

  4. I went through the same predicament a couple months back when I painted my bedroom a grey. I started off with Glidden's Pebble Grey, but it had way too much blue/purple undertones. Three days later I painted the whole room again with Ralph Lauren's Forde Abbey, more of a "greige" and I love it!


  5. I like the first, it goes nicely with the white trim.

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  7. my entire house is painted in 2 grays: SW functional gray and BM smoked oyster. I love love love both colors and they are perfectly neutral and modern looking. good luck! pics on my blog somewhere of our walls too!

  8. Check out this post from Russet Street Reno... she has an awesome gray & yellow dressing room:


    Make sure you get samples; the color could look totally different in your house. Good luck and can't wait to see some pics!

  9. #2 is really pretty if you want a softer grey. I'm also liking the last one. #1 is good too. It's gonna look great Meg!

  10. I am glad Alli said she likes the last one too, because I was going to say that after the first one, the Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal is my next favorite!

  11. I have Glidden Martha Stewart "Sharkey Gray" and it is a bore. It reminds me of unfnished drywall. I'm going yo paint over it with deep color. Greywash is boring.

  12. I have Behr twilight gray in my entry, hallways, living room and the top part of my dining room and I love it!! I used Behr Blue Willow in the kitchen and the bottom of the dining room walls Martha Stewart Darkening Sky with the blue willow in the trey ceiling. My whole house was dark beige and cashmere (light yellow) so the new change is so peaceful and I love it!


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