Chasing Davies: Chosing Yellow Paint - Help Appreciated!

January 27, 2010

Chosing Yellow Paint - Help Appreciated!

I warned you that yellow paint options were coming up next in my grey wall paint post - and since that post turned up some really great comments, feed back and paint suggestions, I couldn't resist but be greedy and ask for MORE help. ;)

Here are some Yellow Paints that we are considering for our living room and dining room:

My friend's yellow breakfast nook

Ralph Lauren Chesapeake Sunset - looks awesome their smaller space, but would it be too bright for a larger space?

Image Source

Paint: Benjamin Moore Mellow Yellow - lighter...

Image: Used Behr Color Smart program

Paint: Behr Sun Shower

Image from

Paint: Behr Wildflower Honey - too much of a golden undertone?

I am having a really hard time finding yellows that I really like. I'm finding some great photos online that portray rooms with yellow walls, but they don't list what the paint color is! Here are some colors I like, but not sure where to get them...

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source
Is this one too neon? too lime?

Any of you amazing people out there have any good yellow suggestions for me?? Thank you!