Chasing Davies: Holiday Inspo: Colorful brights or Cozy neutrals?

November 10, 2020

Holiday Inspo: Colorful brights or Cozy neutrals?


My friends and I were recently texting about Holiday decor and it got me thinking about this year's decorating plan. In the past I've gone for colorful brights, but living in our home 24/7 these days, I was thinking of switching it up to a theme more cozy and neutral. I need a new creative project for m home, and could be fun to re-think my holiday decor, implementing in a way that works for how we're using our home this year (vs. years pasts).

I won't put up my decor until week of Thanksgiving, but I'm starting to think about my (new) plan for this year, and splurging on a few new things!  So I'm sharing some inspiration both from the colorful and neutral side.

What's your holiday theme this year?

Colorful Brights 

Shop these cheerful items:

Cozy Neutrals

Shop these cozy items:

And regardless of which way you lean, a couple key ingredients for any style:

You much have a fresh cut Christmas tree or pine candle burning to set the mood. If you have a faux tree, no one would even know. My trick is to get the small the clean way (a candle, not the tree with pines falling to the ground). If you aren't a candle person, try this new room room diffuser starter kit with holiday scents.

And speaking of faux tress. We've had our classic, pre-lit one forever, but got a secondary, skinnier flocked tree to spread the joy to another room this season. With two different living room spaces, I wanted to see the tree. So if you are 

In addition to a new larger one, we also got smaller pre-lit trees for my kiddos' rooms.  This way they can decorate them however they want and fall asleep to the twinkle lights. I'm most excited about this for them!

Fill any bowl you have with peppermint puffs (a seasonal delicacy that can't be resisted)!

Offer hot cocoa all season long and switch it up with peppermint cocoa!

Cheers to a delightful season of joy!

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