Chasing Davies: DIY Make Shift Work Space

November 1, 2020

DIY Make Shift Work Space

At the start of the pandemic, my company sent everyone home to work for two weeks. Two weeks turned into a month, turned into three, and now indefinitely.  So I've been making a work space do a bit more at a time. 

With my kids doing virtual school at home and my husband also working mostly from home, I'm lucky to have a spot to myself at all. I pretty much called our bedroom and have been evolving it a bit at a time.

I turned the little nook in my room that was my vanity into my working desk, but also had to keep all the other stuff that was there, too. So with some new storage and organization, it's a vanity and work space.

Items making my little nook a vanity + work space:

I was able to bring my work chair home - not the cutest - but after sitting my other one for many hours a day, it was a necessary evil. Otherwise, I spiced up the space with a fun rug (and cozy to my typically bare feet) and organized all the work/makeup & skin care items.

I also got an adjustable computer stand/lap desk so I can move about to different locations or stand to work. I've started also working in a new little space on the other side of my room in a more casual chair that is nice to mix things up.

As I work from home longer, I'm sure my habits and space will evolve further, but for now this is working for me.  How are you making working-from-home work for you?

How are you making your at-work-home space work?

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