Chasing Davies: Gift Guide: For the Year 2020

November 15, 2020

Gift Guide: For the Year 2020

This has been a year unlike any other. So this is a gift guide different than any I've done in past years.  Gifts that really speak to the unique needs and interests this year has brought with strong consideration of the mindset your receiver might be in (aka tabling all my sequins and lipstick this year for cozy and comfort).

Gifts to give for the year 2020

I don't know about you... but I've spent more time in my bed then any other year (meals, work, naps, tv). Give the gift for an upgraded pillowcase, one good for your skin and hair! Silk pillowcases are proven to work and beautiful to look at.

If you have a friend in need of a hobby,  making your own sourdough has been a fun new hobby of mine and this is a beautiful book to help get them started.

The year of sanitizing EVERYTHING. This is a sanitizing box pretty enough to keep out! And for your friend or family member who needs to get out and about more, this sanitizing wand is handy on the go!

Never thought I would have masks on a gift guide, but this year, you can't have too many and fun ones are key to making the most of it! These Tory Burch masks are so happy and come with a little pouch to corral them. 

Make wearing masks feel like a spa treatment by pairing this Aromatherapy Face & Mask Mist - to sooth and refresh the situation. And their Herbal Infused Hand Sanitizer Lavender - is equally as delicious. This brand makes products that are strong (kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria) but soothing and gentle for you and your kids. 

Keep them comfy but still cute for all those Zooms - love this bright turtleneck sweatshirt (good for increased outdoor time, too). And who needs real shoes this year? Fuzzy slippers for the win!

New hair ties make a great stocking stuff and gift for keeping all that quarantine hair up without breaking or denting it. These Gimme Bands have different sizes for your specific hair in lots of colors.

No time better than to work on your skin care routine. I've concentrated more on skincare than makeup this year, that's for sure. And this is my favorite moisturizer with some new favs in this hydration trio.

Switch up the candle gift with the new Pura, that plugs into your wall and you can control between two scents (replace with many other kinds) from your phone to add a wonderful smell to the place we're spending so.much.time. This Pura starter kit comes with capri Blue (that famous Anthro scent) and this one comes with Holiday smells.  Scent refills in other scents here

Do you have any 2020-perfect gift ideas??

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