Chasing Davies: Winter Clothing Must Haves for the Whole Family

November 18, 2020

Winter Clothing Must Haves for the Whole Family

Our saving grace of this quarantined year has been getting outside. And outside, from a safe distance (and still a lot of the time, especially now, masked) is the only socializing with anyone outside my immediate household that we've done since mid-March. So as the nights get darker earlier and the weather temps drop, I've been getting nervous. I even started prepping for winter back in in August with this Winter prep post.

But something that has started chipping away at my winter perspective is a saying the Norwegian's have:

There's no bad weather, only bad clothes.

We literally started prepping for winter in August with outdoor heaters, trying on all our winter outdoor layers to ensure they still fit and were in good condition and making a list of new items needed. So we've been set for a bit and have even taken some for a test run after already have a snow day and some sub-30 degree days.

I've rounded up some of our favorite items for the cold weather for the whole family below:

My biggest reco are these Adidas leggings and turtleneck top made for cold weather. I shared more about this duo on my Instagram here. But these are WARM without wearing multiple layers (they are like two layers in one). A must!

I also have this Athleta turtleneck for a base layer, and this super soft, fleece lined long underwear for more options, too.

I have a few ear warmer options depending on the activity (workout/casual). I love the fun leopard print for being outside to socialize/walk/hangout and this sport one for workouts.

For snow days or super cold weather, these tall Sorel boots have been my go-to for 8ish years now. They are warm and keep my feet dry. 

I love my short Bombas socks, and needed some to cover my ankles and add more warmth under my boots, so got these tall Bombas socks (comes in lots of colors)!

My go-to coat for the coldest days or when I'll be out for awhile the last few years is my longer North Face coat that covers my bum. It's warm, but not too heavy.

Another go-to coat that is super warm but a bit cuter for more casual outside gatherings is my green parka.

Recent purchase that I'm loving, is this new hat that fits well and is super warm (comes in lots of colors).

I'm a sucker for longer sweatshirts in the cold because they cover the tush. This one is a good deal, too.

And I'm also loving turtlenecks to keep extra warm, and this cozy sweatshirt turtleneck comes in lots of colors.

My husband and I both got these gloves. They are so warm and cozy on the inside and completely are usable on your phone screen.

Another top reco for casual wear - these sherpa lined Dr. Martens boots. They are so comfy and legit warm.

These are mostly items my husband swears by and a couple new ones well rated. There are so many more affordable brands out there now, where historically warm, winter proof gear was super expensive.

As a family, we are big fans of the brand 32 Degrees. My husband has their base layers - top and pants, and it keeps him warm. He also likes wool base layers like this top.

His go-to winter jacket is this two-in-one coat (can remove outside layer) and it's currently $100 off!

Taller and warm socks are key under whatever boots you wear.

This will be the year for super warm headgear, and I love the built in mask aspect of the Balaclava hoodie.

Another favorite brand of my husband's is Carhartt. He got this sherpa lined hoodie last year and wears it on cold days in the house and layers under his coat/over base layers for outside to stay warm.

I found these top rated and well-reviewed waterproof gloves at an affordable price from the same brand as his favorite hoodie (above).

Another 32 Degree fav, are these warm joggers. He wears these around the house and layers them over base layer for outside on cold days.

The kids were the first on my winter list to get outfitted and settled for the upcoming season. I wanted to make sure they were ready to get outside all year long. They love playing in the snow and, I swear, they just don't get as cold as adults. :) Our favorite items for keeping the kids warm and willing:

We have two sets of base layers for the kids - each have a set from 32 Degrees (which my husband also has) - in black and snowflake print, and another set from Amazon that is fleece lined (which I also have) - for girls and boys.

New found snow boots I got for my son (since he had outgrown last year's) are lined with fleece and lightweight, and come in several colors.

Favorite family brand for warmth - the same Carhartt hat I have, comes in kid sizes and a slew of colors.

We've always had really good luck with J.Crew coats for our kids - look good, waterproof and warm + hold up nicely, so I always get them a bit big for year one and they can wear them two years.

These snow pant/overalls are highly rated. We love the overall style to keep snow out while they're rolling around!

We have lots of glove options in our house. My kids hate to wear them because it's hard to get a good grip, so we have both the waterproof mitten and glove options.

Warm, thick socks are key for all, and I'm a huge fan of Bombas for the whole family.

Balaclava for the kids on super chilly days, or ear warmers for the less cold days, but good to have options!

Whatever you wear, layer up and get outside!

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