Chasing Davies: Organization for a Small Bathroom

September 17, 2020

Organization for a Small Bathroom

Ever since quarantine hit, and we've been spending 200% more time inside our home, I've been nesting like crazy. Plus, my home is still a semi new home, after just moving in a year ago! I like to think that getting all settled takes time, right? 

Then, I, like soooo many others, binged the first season of the Home Edit's new Netflix show last weekend and I've been rapid fire organizing different parts of my house ever since.  I feel like a lot of others are probably in the same boat? So, I wanted to share what I've been organizing and how that's working in my home... 

Starting with my small "master" bathroom:

It's a bathroom in our master bedroom, but definitely not what you think of as a master bath. ;) We live in an old house and a larger, two sink, bathtub AND shower kind of bathroom is one of the things we chose to give up for the area we live in (which we love).

So, I've been trying my hand at maximizing the sh*t out of this little bathroom and organizing it to maximize the space better.  I've found a few game changers I wanted to share so far (but let's be honest, it's an on going process of trying new ways to organize as I use it and learn).


Before wasn't terrible (was it?) - I did have a basket at least, but it was too big and we just threw stuff in it to be buried and never seen again. And the top shelf was getting so crowded and I was knocking bottles down trying to get to what I needed constantly. 

The cubbies on the side of the sink weren't being used well at all (and I don't have a before pic for). Mostly just one item willy-nilly set there. So, I was able to actually find more space with these cubes.


I added a lazy Susan turntable to the top shelf to corral all my products. This is a huge game changer, because it holds a lot, but I can easily swivel it around to find the items I used most needed in that moment. 

To the bottom shelf, I added to clear pull out drawers to store items less often used. I chose this so I could use the space above the drawers, too. I actually just ordered a long clear tray to sit across the drawers to play odd sized objects in (see?  a work in progress).

Another look at those cubes on the side of my sink vanity. And then I use the space between the sink and the wall/window to hang my hair tools (blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron).  

I have both my irons in heat resistant holders (with holes at the top so I can stretch them over the hook) so I don't have to worry about waiting until they're fully cooled off to put away. I also use them to lay my iron on while using it.

Every sink/bathroom vanity is different, but if you have space between yours and the wall -  consider adding hooks so you can optimize that space! My sink set up is Ikea, so these hooks came with it and work for its shape. You could get suction cup hooks for the side or hooks like what I have if measurements work.

We also added a floating shelf over our toilet to use that space (but it couldn't jet out too much as we walk in from the right side of the toilet).  I like clear bins because I can see what's in them, but with this being out, I liked the frosted look of this one. We keep our hair brushes and other items used often here.

This is a fake fiddle leaf plant, but want to test out a real one soon (I'm growing a baby spider plant now that I got off my big one to put here eventually). I like greenery for an addition of nature here. 

And that is pretty much it. 

Items Featured

Not Shown:

We have a pretty good size walk in shower that also has space for our dry towels. And we keep the trash can out next to our toilet. 

Not in my Bathroom:

I keep all my skin care and makeup in another space. I use a little area in my bedroom as a vanity for all of that, and I'll be sharing that soon - as I've had to transition that to a work space + vanity for this new world of working/living/everything at home. Stay tuned!

My kids share a separate bathroom, so all there stuff has a separate place to live.

And we use our hallway closet for back stock, extra towels, medicine, etc. 

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