Chasing Davies: New Home, Who Dis?

October 3, 2019

New Home, Who Dis?


This is a bit overdue, but in the midst of my girls trip to wine country,  back to school and Italy (more on that soon), we moved a whole half of a mile into a new home!  Moving... especially from your first house where you brought your babies home... is so bittersweet (no matter how far, or not far the move). But we're so excited about our new home, which offers more space, a beautiful backyard, and completely different lay out. 

We are trying to get settled and quickly getting used to all the new noises and flow. Unpacking has been the bane of my existence... for every one box I unpack, I swear 2 more reappear. And because of the new layout, a lot of our old furniture didn't work - so I am also madly selling things on Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark.  

This also means... (cover your eyes, Greg!) we need new things! BUT I am <trying> to be patient and take my time to get the right things which will be clear once I've figured out how we'll use the new space and what kind of room designs/vibes I am feeling.  The fun part is starting those designs - which I've already begun!

For now, I just wanted to say good-bye (digitally) to the old home and give you a little taste of the new home...

You can see more of our old home starting here and scrolling down.

Good-bye sweet house:
I'm not sure what is worse... packing or unpacking? 🤷

But we tried to make it easy on our awesome movers (and us later on to have the right boxes in the right rooms, and at least on the right floors) by color coding the boxes with different colors of tape:
And did I mention how awesome our movers were? Of course it ended up being close to 100 degrees that day, and they worked HARD. We had some furniture that didn't end up fitting around a turn to get to the downstairs staircase, and they did a bunch of re-work + ended the full day with everything in tact and nothing broken!  O'Connor's Moving does local (Kansas City area) moves and you should call them if you are moving.
And even though we moved into our new home 6 weeks ago - we still have boxes to unpack and things to organize and furniture to order.  But we're sure glad to be here! We love the cul-de-sac, and already our neighbors! 

Hello new home!
Perhaps my favorite room... 
 The screened in porch! This is also the first room we bought new furniture for right away. We did a bunch of research and landed on this Polywood set because it will LAST FOREVER and it's made with Sunbrella fabric, has great reviews and comfortable. 

This furniture comes in a lot of different color combos and sets, but we loved the bright blue with the white, which makes me feel like vacation mode out there. (will love it even more when we paint all the exterior and it's not that brown/green).

Despite the boxes on boxes still happening, I'm finding joy in little vignettes.  Especially those calling Fall. Pumpkin everything coming right up.

These seasonal Meyer's soap (dish and hands) smell amazing. Highly recommend.  And if you get a big pumpkin dish, fill that right up with candy corn and peanuts. 

And the kids love our backyard, which came with this little swing set and lots of room to run and play.  

Now give me all your 'how to decorate your entire house without killing your bank account' tips! Please, and thank you! :)

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