Chasing Davies: Summer Dates with Prosecco

May 15, 2017

Summer Dates with Prosecco


My drink choices are almost completely determined by the weather, so when warmer days roll around, I can't wait to break out the Prosecco and head outside for picnic dates, brunch on the patio or evenings watching the sun come down.  The bubbles, the crips flavor and the subtle fruit tones make VOVETI Prosecco one of my favorites. It's crafted from vineyard to cellar meant to share, inspire, and entertain the senses, and from 100% Prosecco (Glera grapes).  VOVETI Prosecco is a dry brut DOC Prosecco with tempered acidity and a fresh, graceful profile.

I like that it's not too sweet - which is something my husband also likes!  When we can agree on something, it's pretty remarkable. ;) VOVETI is something we can both share.  We also share hectic schedules, both working full time and in a busy family time of our lives.  It's nice to be able to sneak in a simple date, like on a weekday after the kids go to bed, by grabbing a bottle of VOVETI Prosecco (the mini bottles are really easy to enjoy in a single evening, too) that helps to elevate the everyday and spend more time outdoors.  

On the weekends, a brunch on the patio is my most favorite thing to do.  Brunch is basically my favorite meal, and even the kids love to be involved in this. Bacon, eggs, ricotta toast, oatmeal and a mixed berry salad are a few of my favorite things, which also go great with Prosecco mimosas (or straight).  

Then, for simple snacks pairings, I like apple slices (or pears, too) to munch on with a glass of Prosecco. The juicy apples bring out that fruit tone of the Prosecco, and the bubbles make everything seem better - even a crummy day. :)

What are YOUR favorite brunch or date night snacks to pair with Prosecco?

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