Chasing Davies: Pool Nights & Picnics Dreams

August 10, 2016

Pool Nights & Picnics Dreams

Summer evenings are best spent at the pool... just as the sun is beginning to set and is not so bright (or damaging), and the pool is a bit less crowded (or super empty after a kid poops in the pool - not mine, I swear!).  After a long day spent at the office, it's the perfect way to spend a hot day/evening.  And by 5:30pm or so, with SwimZip suits for the kids, we don't have to worry as much about sunscreen either (we still apply it - especially to the face), because SwimZip is super sun-safe for the kids, and easy as a zip to put on those wiggly bodies.  You can see our last SwimZip suits here (slow down time...).

The kids always get so excited when we pick them up from school and announce - we're headed to the pool!  We typically hurry down dinner before going, but last week, Liam asked if we could have a pool picnic instead.  When I agreed with him, announcing that was a great idea - he was ecstatic (mom of the year!).  Then he picked PB&J, applesauce and raisins, Nora demanded the addition of Snapea Crisps (our family's new addiction) and we were set for a super nutritious pool dinner.

And pretty much had the pool to ourselves due to said poop.  Don't worry, they shocked the pool and we got there after it was safe to get in - but it really cleared out the pool, that's for sure.

{SwimZip sent to us these swimsuits & beach towel, but we're already fans and no compensation or requirement to post was made - round towel, Liam's suit and Nora's suit}

Post-pool must for my little blondies: SoCozy leave-in conditioner & detangle (and then we use this 3-n-1 back home in the bath!).  I love this kid's hair brand (we also have their line for curly hair!), and you can see all the different types of products for different kid needs here!

What are your hot summer night family activities?

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