Chasing Davies: 5 Magical Beauty Products (+ a Giveaway!)

August 16, 2016

5 Magical Beauty Products (+ a Giveaway!)

must have beauty products

When it comes to beauty products, I'll try it.  I'll try it all!  But rarely will I buy it again - unless I LOVE it. Because if I don't love it, I'm off to try the next thing.  So, I'm sharing 5 products (some that are newer to me and it was love it first use, and some I've been using for awhile) that are like magic! These products have either stuck around for years, or have quickly replaced other products

 I'm also curious what are some of YOUR magical beauty products are, so make sure to share in the comments or on social media.

Ok, let's jump right in.

1. Laura Geller Beauty 'Baked Gelato' Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey: This is an anywhere you want it kind of product. My favorite kinds of products are versatile - more bang for your buck!  I have been wearing Laura Geller's Illuminator in Gilded Honey as eye shadow and in the corner of my eyes to look alive awake, and when I want to elevate my look, I use it as highlighter on my cheek bones.
I only got this product a month or so ago, but have worn it almost daily ever since.  It's subtle, but oh-so-pretty.  Many people have stopped to ask me about it, so I'm excited to share it here today!

Best under eye cream

2. Supergoop Spf 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream With Oat Peptide: This is a new love of mine. I bought it at my Beauty Brands event a few weeks ago when this brand was demoing all their products, and this one in particular flew off the shelf (sold out, and I snagged the last one during the party).  It's the first thing I grab to apply after washing my face each morning!  

This eye cream protects your skin from sun and aging, plus de-puffs (so great for the morning) and provides a subtle shimmering base to help reflect the light away from dark circles to make you look like you slept a full night.  Magical product, indeed!  You should check out all the rest of Supergoop's products (I know I am).  If you are local to Kansas City, head to Beauty Brands on the Plaza to try them out!

lipstick that status put and doesn't come off
best red lipstick gloss

3. LipSense Color + Gloss Duo: You guys, this might be a game changer when it comes to lipstick.  I LOVE my lip color - always up for a bold bright and even love those pinky nudes. But my biggest issue with lipstick, is that it makes me paranoid that I have it on my teeth (many times I do!), or leaving marks on my drinking glass, etc.  So, when I saw LipSense being demoed and how after it was applied, it stayed put no matter what, I was intrigued.  You can see in the photos above how the bright red lip color doesn't come off on the gloss applicator, nor my hand! You can also see a quick video here.

I was intrigued enough to buy a starter kit (one color, one gloss and a remover), plus an additional color + matte gloss.  If you follow me on Snapchat (ChasingDavies), you saw me apply both the Blu Red with the Glossy Gloss on top (shown above) and a lighter pinky nude (Apple Cider) with a Matte Gloss on top live this weekend.  Let me know if you're interested in a Facebook demo or something!  If you are interested in ordering, learn more & place order here!

 {one eye with the lash primer, one eye without!}

4. Laura Geller Beauty 'Fortifying Lashes' Lash Primer: Okay, so I love love love (maybe even more that lipstick... but maybe not, that's a hard one) mascara. One magical addition to the best mascaras you could possibly find is a proper mascara primer that lengthens and defines your lashes first.  

This lash primer is so good, I often wear it alone on casual days, like weekends (shown above). But when I layer my favorite (of the moment) mascara on top - wow!  I'll have a separate post on a few favorite mascara reviews for you soon. I'm always on the hunt for good mascara, and now is a great time to try a new one!  Beauty Brands is having their annual Lash Bash where all mascara is $10.99 (regular prices $20-$28)!

5. The Original Make Up Eraser: Sometimes magical products are the ones that can easily remove all the beauty products we pile on.  At the end of each day, I wash my face and am left with smudgy eyes.  I use this make up eraser towel to easily wipe the remnants away.  It's more than just a towel, it is super soft and picks up the make up with just water added to the cloth (or left over on your face, like shown above).  Throw it in the washing machine to get it as good as new (or get the black one so you don't even have to see the make up).

I received mine almost two years ago as a gift, and have been using it since! Beauty Brands was kind enough to send me one, too, so I want to give that one (still in the box!) away to one of you since I love it so (and am still good with my current one!).  

The Original Make Up Eraser 

Products included in this post + LipSense:

Now let me know your magical beauty products!!

Disclaimer: Some of the above products were gifted to me, but this is not a sponsored post, nor was I required to include any products shared here today. I truly love them all! 

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