Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: When it rains...

June 17, 2014

Favorite Wears: When it rains...

rain boots styled
It was a super rainy day (a couple weeks ago) when I was hurrying around the house, getting kids fed and ready and trying to clothe myself, crazy as it typically is, so I slipped on a white skirt without totally thinking it through...  Thankfully it's lined and I did think thoughtfully enough to pull on my rain boots, so not all was lost.  I jetted off to work entering my car that was tucked into my garage.  I got to work, parked in the lot a block away and could not find my umbrella anywhere.  Sitting there, wondering if I could wait out the downpour a bit, it just started to rain harder, so I grabbed Nora's carseat blanket found in the backseat left over from cooler weather and dashed through the puddles.  It's just those mornings that make me thing, well - the day can't get too much worse.  Only up from here! 

And sure enough... the sun came out, I had a fun little dinner with Erin and Sandy and my rain boots, not only coordinated with my kitchy clutch, ended up brightening up my whole look.  So, see... even rainy days can end up being beautiful ones.

{Outfit details: Shirt - Target; Skirt - old Banana Republic Factory (similar or this one is really cute); Boots (regular); Clutch - old (but this lip one is so cute)}
rain boots outfit

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