Chasing Davies: Baby Nora: 7 month update!

June 27, 2014

Baby Nora: 7 month update!

This past month was HUGE for us!  This sweet little girl crossed over that BIG 6 month milestone, from being this little baby right into a strong and stable infant!  It has me a little teary eyed just thinking of all she's accomplished this last month and how my baby is growing so fast.
{little girl in her big high chair!}
A little after her 6 month birthday, we tried some solids.  Three spoonfuls in and she got it. She loved it. She hasn't turned back (expect for a few days of a tummy bug).  We're using store-bought level one baby foods right now, but as she starts to handle some "chunks," I'd like to make my own.  Our blender isn't the best for getting food really pureed, though a great excuse to get that Vitamix I've always wanted...

Any good baby-food recipes out there I can start practicing/freezing?

{she's already starting to feed herself!}

Huge, huge, huge month for us in this department, and one I speak about while knocking on every piece of wood in this house (knock, knock, knock...).  She's been sleeping 9 to 11 hours at a time, STRAIGHT, about 4 to 5 times a week the last few weeks.  I think eating more solids have really played a part in her longer stretches of sleep, as well as just being older, close to double her birth weight (not sure if that's an old wives-tail, but have heard once a baby is double their birth weight they are more likely to sleep through the night...) and we're still using/loving the Magic Merlin's Sleep Suit (now if only they made one in my size... because I've had some insomnia patches creep up).

Girl is sitting all by herself now (like I feel like I can remove my hands from hovering an inch away from her prepared to catch her fall). She graduated from riding in her infant carrier seat in the stroller to straight in the stroller - which is a lot cooler on these hot summer night walks.  When seated, she leans forward to put some weight on her hands/arms and rocks back and forth a bit... She wants to move so bad, but I'm ok with her staying put a couple more years months.  She also can already stand on her own legs while holding on to the ottoman for support (my hands are near her during these experiments as her legs give out after a bit).

She had a stomach bug for about a week there that everyone at her daycare seemed to have.  She didn't have a fever, so our doctor didn't think we needed to come in as long as she was still having wet diapers and not acting lethargic.  She was actually in a pretty good mood through it all, but there was lots of clothing changes and happenings from both ends.

 {Swimsuit c/o SwimZip; see Nora's first dip in the pool here.}

As Nora starts to gab more and more, Liam gets super excited and likes to talk back to her in a special language just for her. He loves to make her laugh and when she cries, he soothes her.  He says, "it's ok" in this sweet little voice, and if he's free (like not in the car/carseat), he'll go check on her, petting her.  The other day while I was taking them to daycare, Nora was babbling on "googaaa daaa daaa dadad" type stuff.  Some of her babbles sounded like "dada," and Liam responded to her, "Daddy isn't here, but it's ok, Mommy is." She kept up her babbles and he just kept telling her that no, Mommy is here (driving them to school).  It was so cute.  

Before bed now, we sometimes all pile into Liam's room and bed during his night time routine and she can join us and actually enjoy bedtime books!  Liam gets a little nervous when she goes for his paper pages (frankly, me too), so it's best when we read board books during these times!  It's so fun to have them interacting and being able to do the same stuff with both of them at the SAME TIME!

This past month was busy (such as summer)... A few other firsts for baby Nora.  She went to her first baseball game on an entirely way to hot day, but thankfully we sat int he shade and she slept through most of it.  

We traveled to Omaha (my husband's home town) to visit some of his family and went to the zoo (see more on that here!).  She did great in the 3-hour car ride and at the zoo!

We had family photos taken - which I'm so excited about!  I will share once we have them.

She got to hit up, what is becoming, the annual must attend Kansas City event for us - the Browne's Irish Faire (last year she was in my belly and Liam dance up a storm - see it here).  We had family and friend's there, including our friend's baby (a few months younger than Nora) and they rocked the cutest polka dot rompers.


Bag Balm - best diaper rash and preventer "goop" ever, hands down; Ella's Kitchen Organic Pureed Baby Food Pouch, Stage One - these are SO great when on the go, the caps even twist back on making it resealable; Swim Diapers - tis the season, whether she completely likes it yet or not (she'll learn to love it!); Board books - she's starting to like being read to, but loves to grab at the books and try to turn the pages.

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