Chasing Davies: Baby Nora: 5 month update!

April 24, 2014

Baby Nora: 5 month update!

Ok, time you can for real slow down! My baby girl is already FIVE months old!  I really can't believe how fast it's gone (sniff sniff).  She is getting so strong, active and opinionated (I mean really, already?).  I just love her to pieces... her full little cheeks with dimples, big, bright blue eyes, thighs that are starting to get a bit chubby, her laugh, the way she grabs my fingers and holds on tight, how she looks at me with love (I can see that she loves me!) and so much more... it's hard to put all into words all the little and big things I love so much about this little girl.

Here are some of this months milestone's and highlights!

Physically: She is standing on her sweet little legs a ton now!  And if not standing, she's kicking or grabbing her toes - LOVES her feet!  She is fascinated with them and it just sweeps me off my feet. Liam never really cared much for his feet as a baby... so it's been fun watching her playing on her back grabbing those tootsies. She really likes to sit up and see the world - so the Bumbo has been great still.

Sleep: Ugh!  Still all over the place here, but still loving the Magic Marlin Sleepsuit. She has some really good nights and then some bad nights.  On average, still getting up once per night for a feeding and she's not going down for the night (in her crib) until between 9 and 10pm. She'll usually catnap a bit on me sometime between 7 and 9pm before a last feeding and to her crib. Is this normal?  

Vocally: She loves to babble.  And since laughing last month, she laughs more and smiles a TON!  It's the best - I could just straight up eat her little dimpled cheeks.  She cries when she is unhappy with something... and if she's tired, but usually pretty good natured.  The saddest thing did happen last week though! She was happy in her vibrating lounge chair and so I ran into the kitchen to finish the dishes.  I could hear her babbling away (as she does), and when I came back into the living room, I just said "hi Nora" and she literally yelled! Have you ever heard a baby yell?  It was the saddest thing ever.  I scared her!  Then she cried.  I rushed to her, picked her up to comfort her and she quickly returned to normal - but how sad!

{I just die over those little chubby hands with dimples grasping her toy.}
Too early for teeth?  This girl is constantly chewing on something - anything, and drooling! Liam popped his first tooth (or two, I think both bottom ones) right around 6 months and was massively drooling the couple months prior, so I'm sure this will be similar for Nora, but I keep checking to make sure something isn't making it's way out...

A lot happened this past month!  We're really able to get out and about more, especially with the weather warmer and it staying light later.  Also, two big events: Nora was baptized and celebrated her first Easter.

{It's pretty fun to dress her!}
{Nora and her Godmother, Aunt Alli}
{Still loving baths, thank goodness and even starting to, dare I say it, LIKE getting her diaper changed!  Which is a 180 from her 0-2 month old days... }

She's still a mama's girl.  She loves me to hold her, carry her, talk to her, etc.  She watches me, following me with her eyes when I'm not holding her and if she's falling asleep and I talk, she snaps her eyes open and looks right at me wanting me to hold her.  I love it 99% of the time. :)  But every once and awhile, I need to get stuff done and I'd love for her to go cuddle up with someone else. She's great with my mom and of course, her dad at this point and still taking some time to warm up to most others still.

{My little Easter bunnies.}

Easter was so fun!  I loved dressing her up!  Liam was a hoot on Easter - but I talk all about that here.  Liam, the best big brother ever, is still the best... most of the time. :)  He loves to sing her songs, hold her hand, tickle, talk baby-talk and will keep me posted on what Nora is doing now.  For instance: "Baby Nora is laughing!"  "Baby Nora can't eat my dinner."  "I want to see baby Nora." Or perhaps my LEAST favorite... "baby Nora, WAKE UP!"  He's pretty cute overall and a terrific brother.  

Some of our favorite things this last month:

Headbands, like Nora's Easter one:  this is a more recent love and I say the bigger the better!  Anything she can chew on or grasp and rattle like this wooden Elephant rattle c/o Bannor Toys and raZbaby teether.  I used my baby wraps a ton on maternity leave, and happy to still use them as she is getting bigger.  Because she still loves to be held, this is great for when we want to go on walks sans stroller or when I need to get some cooking or cleaning done!  Dresses!  Because Nora is more stable and able to sit up - wearing dresses down't totally just end up in a ball around her torso.  I'm excited to put her in more cute little ones like this one.  And then this month, little girl upgraded to bigger diapers - hopefully this will curb the blow outs!  Size 3, baby!

This next month better go slow - because just the thought of her at 6 months, a half of a year old makes me cry.

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