Chasing Davies: Planting my vegetable & herb garden with the help from my toddler!

April 28, 2014

Planting my vegetable & herb garden with the help from my toddler!

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Back in February, I introduced to you this new, super simple way to garden with new Gro-ables.  And once spring finallllly came, and the weather stayed above freezing, I excitedly put on my grubby clothes, and prepared to get dirty.  I picked up some Miracle-Gro soil and grabbed a couple large pots I had in the basement and headed to the backyard.  It was a particularly sunny and nice day, so my family was all around, playing and doing other work back there.  


As I got started, Liam (a two-year old toddler) wanted to help!  And I kid you not, after I helped pour in the soil and under strict supervision (because, he's two... and I wouldn't put it past him to put dirt in his mouth), he pretty much planted my tomato and pepper pods all by himself!  So, when I said before that these new Gro-ables were for the non-gardner and so easy, I didn't realize it'd be so easy even my toddler could handle it!  

Gro-Able Pods
Planted Gro-Ables

He actually had so much fun planting these little pods (which he kept saying looked line pinecones...), he now has turned into the one that goes out to water them!  Man, he's going to be totally psyched when we get to pick and cook with our harvested vegetables.  


What started out as something for me to try out to finally fulfill my desire for my own vegetable & herb garden, really ended up being a wonderful activity for my toddler - and a learning experience!  We got to talk all about how vegetables are grown and I can teach him how to take care of "his" plants so that they can grow!  

And as a refresher - you can see how easy this process is in action with this video:

I'll be sure to keep you posted once we're able to make our first pick!  I think we'll have to toss some cubed avocado, diced fresh mozzarella and olive oil together with our very own tomatoes for a perfect summer salad!

Happy gardening!

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