Chasing Davies: Dress for Less: Perfect White Dress

July 12, 2013

Dress for Less: Perfect White Dress

Picture this: It's Saturday. No work, no plans. The day to enjoy a perfect summer day however you want. So you head to the pool to work on your tan. Later than evening, you have a date with your husband or boyfriend or friends or self. Time to pull out that season-perfect white dress that will show off your tan just right, not to mention full of feminine details that makes you feel a little extra girly.

But how much did you pay for your perfect white dress?  Enter these two beauties... I have been drooling over both of these lovely ones since the beginning of summer and then one of them sold out, now both back in stock (for who knows how long).  You can splurge or save, it's up to you, both similar in nature!

$$ vs. $

(Just don't wear one of these to a wedding... major faux pas, wedding guest outfit idea here)

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