June 25, 2013

17 Weeks Along // Thoughts on this baby's gender

Another week along in my pregnancy with baby #2 and now only one week until we {hopefully} find out the baby's gender!  People keep asking if I have a feeling one way or another, and I really don't.  I didn't with Liam either. I think I guessed boy with him right before our ultrasound, but it wasn't from a deep maternal instinct or anything. 
People also keep asking if I have a preference, and I really don't. First of all, my only hope is that all is cooking just right and it's a healthy baby. Second, I can't control it, so there's no point in hoping or wishing in one direction. And third, either would be terrific!  A girl would give us one of each and Liam a different perspective and glimpse into the opposite sex growing up!  A boy would give Liam a brother close in age to grow up with playing sports, wrestling, whatever boys do. I'm pretty sure I'm girly enough to give both boys, if that's how it turns out, a good female perspective (so not all is lost there) and I hope my husband and I would be able to raise them to know how to treat a lady.
Speaking of, my little Liam had his first kiss at school last week. Cradled a sweet little girl's checks and plopped one on her. {No one was harmed in this first.} Stay tuned for next week's gender reveal {should all go well at the ultrasound}!

{Outfit Details: Vest - Old Navy (similar), V-Neck Shirt - American Apparel (similar), Skirt - Banana Republic (super old), Shoes, Earrings - Linking up with Trend Spin today}

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  1. This is the sweetest outlook. Looking forward to learning the news!!

  2. You look so pretty!! Love the denim witht hat skirt and flats. I hope to be as fashionable and gorgeous as you when I'm pregnant someday. ; ) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love the vest version of this!! Also that chalkboard wall is FABULOUS!!

    Thanks for linking up your chambray outfit to the Trend Spin linkup!


    The Fashion Canvas

  4. So exciting! Love you chalkboard wall. Is that a picture of the baby that your son did?


  5. I love this sweet look, you are glowing! Congratulations on your new baby!

  6. I hadn't heard. Congrats lady! You're beautiful!

  7. I love the white eyelet and denim combo - and congrats on baby #2!
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