Chasing Davies: 17 Weeks Along // Thoughts on this baby's gender

June 25, 2013

17 Weeks Along // Thoughts on this baby's gender

Another week along in my pregnancy with baby #2 and now only one week until we {hopefully} find out the baby's gender!  People keep asking if I have a feeling one way or another, and I really don't.  I didn't with Liam either. I think I guessed boy with him right before our ultrasound, but it wasn't from a deep maternal instinct or anything. 
People also keep asking if I have a preference, and I really don't. First of all, my only hope is that all is cooking just right and it's a healthy baby. Second, I can't control it, so there's no point in hoping or wishing in one direction. And third, either would be terrific!  A girl would give us one of each and Liam a different perspective and glimpse into the opposite sex growing up!  A boy would give Liam a brother close in age to grow up with playing sports, wrestling, whatever boys do. I'm pretty sure I'm girly enough to give both boys, if that's how it turns out, a good female perspective (so not all is lost there) and I hope my husband and I would be able to raise them to know how to treat a lady.
Speaking of, my little Liam had his first kiss at school last week. Cradled a sweet little girl's checks and plopped one on her. {No one was harmed in this first.} Stay tuned for next week's gender reveal {should all go well at the ultrasound}!

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