Chasing Davies: What to Wear During Early Pregnancy (or Post-Pardeum)

June 26, 2013

What to Wear During Early Pregnancy (or Post-Pardeum)

If you've been preggo before, you probably know that it can be tricking to dress and look "normal" in those early days of pregnancy when you're still trying to hide the little growing middle. Your first pregnancy might not be as telling, but the second or more can be harder to hide, much sooner.  And likewise for soon after birth when your uterus is still shrinking... At that point the baby is here and you can still look pregnant and it takes time (and for many, work) for your body to go back to "normal."

So, I wanted to share with you a few things that I've found this pregnancy go around that have worked well for me these first 17 weeks!  All things that are already in style and no maternity-wear required (so they're also great even if you're NOT pregnant)! Feel free to share what you wore/wear to hide early pregnancy or post-pardeum belly in the comments!

1. Midi-Skirts! Oh I can't tell you enough about this length of skirt. More room to play with where you waistband sits (probably a little higher), without your hem line getting noticeably (and unflatteringly) too short! My favorites: Digital Floral, Bright Green, Stripes and Pink with Florals

2. Pattern!  Wearing patterns distract the eye. And as long as you are keeping the fit loose, your growing - or remaining - bump won't be noticeable at all!  Patterns also allow you to play with fashion, keep on trend and have some fun with what you're wearing! Pattern picks: Tank Dress, Flutter Sleeve-Dress, Floral Tank and Multi-Stripe Top

3. Maxi (or Midi) Dresses (but the looser ones, obviously - save the tight ones for when you want to show off the belly)! These types of dresses will swallow up any middle you my be getting or still have, are super comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Some of my favs: Pleats are always a good option for covering up the bump like this Pleated MaxiBlack Maxi with Neckline Detail (I have and wore here), Short Sleeve Midi and Pleated Flowy Maxi

4. Loose Tops (worn over fitted/stretchy pants)!  This look is perfect for summer into Fall and the breezy top layer will conceal any button undone or the belly band -- just make sure to balance the flowy top with fitted bottoms. Love these tops: White with Sheer Panels, Loose Stripe Top, Perfect Grey Tee and Floral Tank

Again, would love to know what your tried and true go-to early pregnancy or post-parteum styles and pieces are/were! 

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