Chasing Davies: on pulling it together

January 22, 2013

on pulling it together

Let me tell you a little outfit story.  One day, I rolled out of bed, not feeling
motivated at all to get dressed, let alone feel good about my outfit. I wore this
comfy v-neck t-shirt with an oldie camera print on it to bed with sweats. The next
morning, I layered on my long sweater coat to stay warm around the house that
my husband insists we keep at a ripe 65 degrees.  But when I needed to leave the
house, I pulled the easy card and only got my lower half ready.

Is that gross, that I wore my bedtime shirt the rest of the day?

 So I started off not caring about what I was going to wear this day, obviously.
But then after I pulled on a new skirt and put on a faux-fur snood (always chic),
I feel in love with this outfit in the only way you can really love an outfit, but to the
highest level. And I'd totally wear it again, PJ shirt and all.

Outfit Details:
Snood - c/o Stansberry// Sweater Coat - Madewell//
Tee - Custom Print on American Apparel Shirt (similar)//
Skirt - Banana Republic// Wedge Booties - Target

Have you ever pulled a favorite outfit together on a whim out something unexpected?