Chasing Davies: Hues of Valentine's Day

January 23, 2013

Hues of Valentine's Day

This post should be renamed affectionately to: I love Barrettes. Because I am flat
out making up for my tomboy youth of playing sports (mostly my hair was tucked up
in a swim cap) and not caring about cute, girly barrettes, I will be wearing them at
least once a week moving forward (maybe).

But since Valentine's Day is coming right up (ahem, and speaking of... last
day to enter this giveaway) and I've been in the mood for warmer hues anyways,
I kept this post title timely instead. Reds, pinks, burgundy, and orange can all
be found in this here pre-Valentine's Day outfit.

Outfit Details:
Barrettes - Necklace - 25Design//
 Denim Shirt - Target (similar)// Sweater - Old Navy//
Jeans - The Limited// Shoes - Payless (similar or these)

Are you rocking barrettes are have you already been there done that (like 15+ years ago)?