Chasing Davies: June 2011

June 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- Wearing the same shirt within one week.  But my cost per wear is getting smaller by the week!
- Getting so many mosquito bites on my Minnesota vacay, that I look like I have chicken pox... or my hand up my skirt or down my shirt and inappropriate times itching my bites like crazy.
- Husband out in the front yard, in 80 degree weather, wearing long pants, a windbreaker and gloves... He was treating the massive amount of growing oak trees out of the fallen acorns of our grown tree.  He was protecting his skin, but he looked funny.
- True Blood. Fairies gone bad?  Season 4 is off to a weird start.
- Jame Franco's invisible art for sale.... Free Shipping!


- Getting to spend quality time on vacay with best friends who don't live near.
- And making friendship bracelets!
- Boat shoes - but not just any, metallic boat shoes.  Perfect for summer lake getaways. Also worn here.
- Popsicles.  A summer time favorite.  My favorite is Edy's All Natural Fruit Bars in Tangerine.
- Pinterest. I'm really starting to get addicted!  I've been pinning more.

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June 29, 2011

Friendship in Bracelet Form

{2 of the 3 made, the 3rd one wasn't yet complete}

On vacation, two of my friends and I did some DIY bracelet making while relaxing.  It took me back to middle school when I use to spend hours playing with embroidery thread.  Now if only I could get that thread box back for organizing my newly bought threads.

I refreshed my memory on the how-tos of Friendship Bracelet making by reading this  (directions and step by steps) and decided to start with full Chevron pattern.  This pattern is made up of forward knots on one side (making a "4" with your string) and then backward knots of the other side (a backwards "4").  I suggest starting with less colors/strings at first if it's been awhile.

Then with a simple braid at the beginning and the end to complete the bracelet - we decided to upgrade our string bracelets with a clasp.  This way, we can wear it when we want and can avoid frayed string ends from untying and retying, etc.

It's especially fabulous layered with other DIY bracelets... like this hex nut bracelet we made, too.  That post coming soon...

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June 28, 2011

Minnesota Woods

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently got back from a terrific vacation with some of my favorite people.  One of my best friends lives in Minnesota and planned a northern (or mid) Minnesota Lake trip on Lake Sullivan (near Mille Lacs Lake).  The weather was 70s during the day, sunny and beautiful.  It was the perfect getaway.  And an amazing reunion with a couple best friends (we all live in different places).  Hubs also got to go, so it was nice quality time with him, too!

Fashionably, it was fun to wear some layers and Fall like clothing.  I got this drappy vest from J.Crew recently and thought it fit in perfectly with the Minnesota woods.

{J.Crew vest, Target denim button down shirt, Loft orange skirt (last worn here) and Metallic boat shoes (similar options)}

June 27, 2011

Favorite Blogger Outfit: See Jane Wear Hot Pink + Interview

I'm back on track!  It's been a crazy couple weeks that culminated in a fabulous vacay with some of my very favorite people.  More on that later.  Today, Favorite Blogger Outfit weekly feature is back, AND with an interview.

Even more exciting... today it's Anna Jane, of See Jane, rocking a fabulous neon stripe pink dress with a pop of yellow.  I immediately feel in love with this dress (stripes + neon = <3) and look the moment I saw it.  Even better, she scored this dress on Ebay.  I always forget to shop Ebay.  It's a good reminder to always check there first for an item or something similar, even if last season's or year's items, and save some bucks.

Now you should definitely take a sec to read a little bit more about sweet Anna Jane:

What made you become a blogger?  Specifically, a style/fashion blogger?  
Anna Jane: Fashion and style have always been an interest of mine ever since I was a little kid.  However, I honestly started the blog on a complete whim.  I had read some others once in awhile but I started it on a random Saturday while I was home visiting my dad who was sick.  It became a great way to escape from my corporate job and to really embrace my interests.

What is the one thing you do or wear to make most outfits complete before leaving the house? 
Anna Jane: These days, I don't feel fully dressed without my engagement ring (and now wedding band), but I especially feel naked without earrings.  I don't wear dangly ones or anything too obvious, but if I don't have a pair of studs in I feel very self-conscience, oddly enough!

If you could only have one source for fashion/style inspiration, what would it be?  
Anna Jane: Definitely blogs.  The more I read them, the more I'm inspired by normal girls putting themselves out there for the sake of style.  I'm continually amazed by everyone's unique style and I feel like my own style has evolved thanks to personal style blogs!

Are you an online shopper or in-store kinda girl?  Why?  
Anna Jane: I'm both, but these days I'm leaning towards online.  It's mostly due to the fact that I travel a lot for work and I don't have the time to stop into stores after work.  That way, I can order things online and it'll be waiting for me upon my return.  That being said, nothing beats going into a store, seeing and touching the clothes/accessories, so I'll always love "in-person" shopping for that reason.

Where is (are) your go-to shopping place(s) or site(s)?  
Anna Jane: I love Gilt Groupe, Shopbop, and Zappos for online shopping.  For in-store, nothing beats J.Crew, H&M, and Nordstrom.

What is your biggest weakness when it comes to fashion?  Something you just can't say no too.  Mine is stripes. hah!  
Anna Jane: I love stripes, too!  I honestly cannot resist stripes or polka dots.  I've always been a fan and I feel like they're always in style.

Anna Jane's Outfit Deets:
J Crew dress (via eBay)
Corey Lynn Calter belt (from a dress)
 unknown (old) necklace
Rebecca Minkoff purse
Lovely People wedges

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June 24, 2011

Words I Live By.

This might explain my love for home decor and dressing up to my husband...
$12 Print from EeeBee Etsy Shop

June 23, 2011

Fashion Obsession

Stripes, stripes and more stripes.  I think to myself, I finally have enough stripes.  And then something new comes out and I HAVE to have it.  Like the Featherknit stripe boatneck tee from J.Crew. Then somehow it ends up in my closet and I'm wearing it the next day... I have no idea how it happened!

{J.Crew top, Eyelet skirt from Marshall's, Target sandals, Forever21 floral necklace, Loft long necklace, Pretty, Polished, Perfect Etsy shop}

I was on the search for a neon over-sized clutch, and while I love the American Apparel ones, I don't love the $50 price tag.  Then Erin tweeted to me that she could make me one and a few days later, I have me a pop of neon yellow with a hot pink zipper & full lining. Love it.

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June 22, 2011

July Ad Space Giveaway

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June 21, 2011

Can you guess where this skirt is from?

This might be my new favorite skirt.  Bright blue, light silk, flowy and A-line.  But I got it somewhere I never thought I would shop.  I got this skirt from Talbots.  I've noticed, mainly from Gigi, over the last year or so that they've really revamped their designs.  They have some really great colors and clothes!

Have you shopped at Talbots lately?

{Orange Cardi - Oldie, I forgot; Stripe Under Tank - J.Crew - in store, and on sale; Talbots Skirt; Silver Wedges - Target a couple years ago; Turquoise Flower Earrings -  China Town San Fran; Blue Ring - BrooklynThread; Silver Necklace - Forever21; Crazy Hair - the Wind}

Thank you so much to LuLu for taking my photos on the train track.  She has a fun pic on her site too with a little relevant story. :)  Follow Me on Twitter

June 20, 2011

Guest Bedroom Decor Update

The decorating and designing of my Navy & Orange Guest Room is moving along, just a bit slowly.  But I am at the next phase and wanted to show you where I'm at and what next I'm considering.  Who doesn't like first time home owner's attempt at decorating?

Here's where the room is at.  I'm still loving the navy walls and orange accents.  We've gotten bright white curtains up (from Target) recently, and my Eva rug (from Ballard Design) has founds it's way into my room (and heart).

Next I was looking for a very simple writing desk.  Something like the West Elm Parson's desk, but something pretty cheap, since this will not be a heavily used desk.  I found this one on Amazon, with favorable reviews, currently listed for $70 (but when I purchased it just a few days ago, it was $50!).

This desk will go under the window next to the bed.  It will act as a night stand, a place to escape with my lap top, somewhere to write and think, or anything else that comes up.

So now that the desk is on its way to me,  I need a chair for the room, and I want a cushy and fun chair to pop in the space.  Here I've decided to add a 3rd color to the room's pallet (and the white lightens it all up).

Introducing a light turquoise/teal color into the mix.

I'd like to add this color in accessories and the chair for the desk.  However, I'm having a hard time finding a solid upholstered chair in the right color.  I do love this patterned chair - but patterned chair on a patterned rug?  Too much?

JCPenny                                                                    Target

I know I could always try to find a chair at a good cost and either attempt to upholster myself or get it done with the right fabric, but that seems too difficult.

How do you think the room is coming so far?? Any suggestions? And of course, let me know if you see a chair out there that might work for my room!

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June 17, 2011

That's Miss Sailor to you!

Fun bun, sailor-esque and little lady bug earrings.  Who can go wrong with all that?

 And if you ever wanted to know what my ear looked like up close and personal... but really this photo just relates back to my creepy crawler post and a question I had - How do you wear bug jewelry?  Well it's definitely a subtle and fun way to add a little funkiness to any outfit.

Even a sailor inspired outfit.  Ahoy Matte!

{Blazer - J.Crew (similar options), Stripe Top - Loft (similar), Green Skirt - Anthro, Yellow Belt - Target (similar), Yellow Flats - Target, Yellow Oversized Clutch - Gift from my seester (similar), Necklace - Oldies from H&M, Lady Bug Earrings - Stella & Dot}

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June 16, 2011

Husband Knows Best

Husband pointed out that all my pinks didn't match in my outfit today.  My shoes were a different color pink than my skirt and necklace different than those, he said.  How cute.

Obviously I meant that to be.  I don't want to be all matchy matchy and thought the coral mixed with the hot pinks were kind of fun.  But hey, at least he noticed what I was wearing.  And you can see sweet husband's reflection in the window taking my picture.

{Shirt - Oldie from Urban Outfitters (similar), Coral Skirt - Loft (similar), Pink Barbie Shoes - Oldies from Payless (Cute pink flats with a bow), Pink Rosset Necklace - Twenty Fine Design}

June 15, 2011

Creepy Crawlers

In honor of the exterminator coming to my house today to help rid this home of the carpenter ant problem, here are some creepy crawlers I do like...

 Carolina Bracelet by dbaer; Ladybug Studs by Stella & Dot; Asparagus Beetle Trivet by Anthropologie; Hamatreya Skirt via Anthropologie; Love Bug Charm Necklace by Juicy Couture; Jeweled Bugs in Turquoise with Coral Earrings by Annette Ferdinandsen

June 14, 2011

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere...

Thought it'd be better if it was 5 o'clock here, and on a Friday, at a beach somewhere...with palm trees and a drink that comes in a pineapple, while we're at it.

Speaking of beaches and palm tress...anyone going on any cool vacations this summer?  I am headed to northern MN for some cabin relaxation in a couple weeks, a bachelorette party at the Lake of the Ozarks and maybe another random trip or two to visit friends in cool places.  I hope to also plan a beach vacay for Sept.  I just keep thinking back to my St. Maarten exotic vacation almost a year ago and longing...

{Floral top - borrowed from a friend, Pink skirt - ASOS, Black heels - oldies from White House, Black Market}

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June 13, 2011

1980s Called...

 ...they want their jacket back.  But I said no, that I was keeping it.

{Stripe Jacket - Loft (similar), Teal Top - Target, Yellow Skirt - NY&Co (similar), Navy Flats - Marshal's}

It felt like spring today.  It wasn't sticky hot...there was actually a little breeze and chill in the air.  So I got to pull out a jacket to add even more interest to this floral yellow skirt with bright teal top.  I love this mixture.  I had fun wearing it.

I've been really lazy on my weekly Favorite Blogger's feature.  It will be back, I'm just having too much fun reading blogs to remember to pick one with my week's favorite outfit!

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June 10, 2011

Candy Stripes

...and some major brights, because... it's FRIDAY!  Hope you all have amazing weekend plans ahead.

Thank you to Lulu for letting me barrow her red lips (the lip stick, that is) and featuring these lips over at her little space of the world.  Check it out here.

This is my Carrie Bradshaw knock off belt.  It's not nearly as amazing as the one she wore throughout the first SATC movie, but it was way cheaper and gives me the same feeling.

This is a very bright, candy colored outfit.  Color is my thing.  I love it.  But I did manage to anchor it a bit with some black.  Hey, I try.

P.S. This is not my new hair that I alluded to yesterday.  You will seem that in the next outfit post. :)

{Stripe top - H&M, Purple skirt - Old Navy, Black flats - Nine West and Black studded belt - Chicago boutique off Bellview}