Chasing Davies: Awkward & Awesome Thursday

June 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- Wearing the same shirt within one week.  But my cost per wear is getting smaller by the week!
- Getting so many mosquito bites on my Minnesota vacay, that I look like I have chicken pox... or my hand up my skirt or down my shirt and inappropriate times itching my bites like crazy.
- Husband out in the front yard, in 80 degree weather, wearing long pants, a windbreaker and gloves... He was treating the massive amount of growing oak trees out of the fallen acorns of our grown tree.  He was protecting his skin, but he looked funny.
- True Blood. Fairies gone bad?  Season 4 is off to a weird start.
- Jame Franco's invisible art for sale.... Free Shipping!


- Getting to spend quality time on vacay with best friends who don't live near.
- And making friendship bracelets!
- Boat shoes - but not just any, metallic boat shoes.  Perfect for summer lake getaways. Also worn here.
- Popsicles.  A summer time favorite.  My favorite is Edy's All Natural Fruit Bars in Tangerine.
- Pinterest. I'm really starting to get addicted!  I've been pinning more.

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