Chasing Davies: February 2011

February 28, 2011

The Bachelor: Shopping Episode 10

3 girls for some safari loving on tonight's The Bachelor, episode 10!

Emily wears denim on denim on her safari date to ride an elephant!  A pretty perfect outfit for a pretty amazing date!!

Get her look...

Similar options (may be the same, but instead of spending the time to fine the exact duds that have not been available this whole time, I want to get you similar, affordable options): Faded denim button down shirt; Madewell white denim cut off shorts; Sterling Silver Turquoise Double Strand Necklace

And the girls at the end...

Similar dresses:

Max & Cleo Jersey Knit Wrap Dress

Still looking...

Green Skirt, Blue Room

Tomorrow is March, and I'm already ready for St. Patty's day in my new Anthro Drawing Parallels Kelly Green skirt (online available in navy).  I love kelly green.  The bright, jewel tone is always so easy to mix and makes me happy!  I dressed this skirt up and wore to work for some meetings.  I still wanted to have some fun with color, so paired it with maroon tights...

Um, and do you see that beautiful blue wall??  That is our new guest bedroom wall paint!! It's almost done! I just have to get all the furniture back in now...  I love it!  Way more on that room and details later.

{Printed Shell - J.Crew; Cardi - Simply Vera for Kohl's; Skirt - Anthro; Maroon Tights - Target; Gray Wedges - Target}

Now for the most exciting stuff... I have TWO winners to announce.  

Winner of the $100 Giveaway is....
Congrats to Monik! I'll email you today!

And an over-due giveaway announcement.  I said that I'd have a giveaway for a randomly selected participant that completed my 100 mile challenge in January.  Besides myself, there were 6 awesome finishers and a lot of really great tries!  No matter the final # - everyone who tried did more than they might have and provided a lot of motivation to everyone else.  Huge thank you (again) to everyone.  From the list of finishers posted here, the winner is...

PEGGY! I will email you today and be sending you a $15 iTunes Gift Card!

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February 27, 2011

Last Day to Enter $100 Shopbop Giveaway

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February 26, 2011

Major Orange Crush

It started with some orangie/coral heels, then a skinny belt, nto nail polish, then lip I'm craving some orange for my closet.  It's official - I'm Orangified!

Orange Crush

You almost, almost, don't even notice the crappy paint job and little nubbin' nails with this Revlon "Craving Coral" Nail Polish painted on.  Looks a lot more orangey than red in person, sans harsh flash (not winning any photog awards on that pic)

If you can avoid looking up my nose, you might see my fun painted pucker - oooo love that Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren.  And it even lasted through my morning coffee, bagel and into the afternoon!

Absolutely perfect springy-summer dresses that I must get my hands on....
Mango DressShabby Apple & Suzi Chin Ruffle Neck Dress

More Clothing Options...

Brought to you by

I'm on the hunt for some cute orange flats, too!  Haven't found any I adore yet... YET!

February 25, 2011

Dress for Less: Shoe of the Day

A double feature wammy for you today, readers!  Dress for Less & a Shoe of the Day!  Wowza.  You might reconize these adorable heeled sandles...

 By the ever popular and adorable brand, Seychelles, ya?  Well only one of these are the Seychelles Women's Gypsy Sandal and the pair on the left is actually significantly cheaper by Mossimo® Vivien Pleated Heeled Sandals via Target.

The Target pair comes in only Mushroom (shown) and black, and not all the fun and bright colors the Seychelles comes in (like this orange-coral color I love).  I ended up getting the Target ones, and while I've only worn them around Target and my house a bit - so far the seem very comfortable and look just like the Seychelles!

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J.Crew Maritime Dress

Like I said on Wednesday, the first day after the 30 day remix challenge and shopping-band, I ran out to J.Crew and purchased the J.Crew Stripe Painter's Tee & this lovely, so fun, perfectly striped Maritime Dress that I have been drooling over.  And, I think this dress was meant for me, just a little bit...

I was allowed to shop again, so I hurried to J.Crew on my way to yoga class.  I didn't see the dress with all the newer arrivals, so asked the SA near the front.  She said that Kansas City stores hadn't received this dress yet. Bummer!  I said, well, I guess I can order it online. Then she checked and found that it wasn't available there anymore - on back order until late March, or about. Now I was feeling super sad. I'd been waiting to get this!

But then another sales attendant overheard us, and said - We just had someone return this dress, in size Large. I perked up and said, that might be perfect!

I tried it on and worked great!  This dress definitely runs a little bit big & the Medium might be better, but I like the way the large is looser (and longer) on me.  So depending on what you are going for, you might want to size down.

Furniture Refurbishment coming along...

And like YogaGirl, I winterized the dress! 
{Black velvet blazer - Filines Basement in Chicago; black tights - Banana Republic; black wedges - Gap, traded with friend; black belt - Limited, long ago; pearl necklace - Forever 21}

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February 24, 2011

Awkwardly in the Garage with my Awesome Closet Doors

Participating again in Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!  1 day until FRIDAY! :)

- My limp hair & puffy face...all signs of a late night of a) blogging, b) packing for Washington D.C., c) working, d) All of the Above.  If you guessed D, you are right!
- The length of my sweater vest with this higher-waisted skirt = poochy mid-section.
- My garage being covered in plastic & paper (have I mentioned I'm ready to have my house back? I'm not sure I have yet.)

- Today's outfit was inspired by Virginie's awesome outfit
- It still feels so good to wear some different clothes than the 30
- Especially wear these brown boots I've missed!
- This plaid shirt... Thrifted,  Men's and by DIOR!  Love it.
- Bright YELLOW tights
- Those are all our pretty closet doors drying.  The white enamel was sprayed on on them, so now they are ready to be soon as all the rooms are ready to have them.
- Said trip to Washington D.C. this weekend to see Lady Gaga (again) & visit one of my best friends!
- Recent J.Crew purchases!!!  Stripe Painter's Tee worn yesterday & Maritime Dress you will see TOMORROW! :)
- Having more Awesomes that Awkwards - yes!

{Plaid Button Down - Dior, Thrifted; Sweater Vest - J.Crew; Plum Skirt - Gap; Yellow Tights - Target; Boots - Nordstrom Rack; Purse - The Limited}

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How I Wore Thee...

I think I did a pretty good job of wearing most of my 30 picks pretty equally in the Remix Challenge.  There were maybe two things I only wore twice, then there were some thing I wore a whole lot...

The Denim Tunic Remix Story:

The Lace Skirt Remix Story:

 The Fuchsia Wool J.Crew Skirt Remix Story:

I'm happy to have the rest of my closet back!