Chasing Davies: Major Orange Crush

February 26, 2011

Major Orange Crush

It started with some orangie/coral heels, then a skinny belt, nto nail polish, then lip I'm craving some orange for my closet.  It's official - I'm Orangified!

Orange Crush

You almost, almost, don't even notice the crappy paint job and little nubbin' nails with this Revlon "Craving Coral" Nail Polish painted on.  Looks a lot more orangey than red in person, sans harsh flash (not winning any photog awards on that pic)

If you can avoid looking up my nose, you might see my fun painted pucker - oooo love that Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren.  And it even lasted through my morning coffee, bagel and into the afternoon!

Absolutely perfect springy-summer dresses that I must get my hands on....
Mango DressShabby Apple & Suzi Chin Ruffle Neck Dress

More Clothing Options...

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I'm on the hunt for some cute orange flats, too!  Haven't found any I adore yet... YET!