Chasing Davies: January 2011

January 31, 2011

The Bachelor: Shopping Episode 5

Below you will find - Michelle's zebra print cardigan & Green plaid scarf, Shawntel's Orange off-should sweater - similar options, Ashley H. White/Black bandage dress, Lisa's pink tank top & Rose Ceremony multi-color racer back dress, Emily's white/black sequin bandage dress (avail via Ebay) & polka dot black bikini...

Already done with episode 5 of the Bachelor - and it was filled with Nascar, circus and shopping (not fair!) all in Vegas, this episode filled with more catty comments, tears and Brad's therapist.

Michelle wore a great boyfriend-style zebra print cardigan. I mostly love her style, and definitely love this cardi with her green plaid scarf!

Similar zebra cardi's:
 Moa Moa Zebra Open Front Cardi & Green plaid scarf

Later, on the Nascar group date, Michelle wore a simple black tank and one great necklace.  Her metal bib necklace - most similar option by  Juicy Counture:

Shawntel is the lucky one chosen for the dream date (um, shopping spree?? Count me in!).  She is running around all these great stores in a cute, casual off the shoulder top.  This looks so uber comfy, and I want it for myself to hang around in on the weekends!  Most similar I found (not sure if it's it or not) is from Ami Clubwear in black.

A lot of similars & alternatives:

With no sleeves, but equally as comfy looking - by Fashion Junkie
More of a tunic or dress, but similar in color - this off shoulder sweater is only $10; 
With more texture, this cable sweater is pretty close and very cute; 
A knit off the shoulder slouchy top again by Fashion Junkie.

Ashley vs. Ashley.  I liked the Ashley that went home best.  But hey, better for her to go off and meet someone better!  I've heard that sweet Ashley S. now has a boyfriend! yay!

Ashley H. had a great white and black bandage v-neck dress that I instantly took note of.  The dress she  wore is from BEBE, you can get it on Ebay in purple & black:

Similar to Ami Clubwear, which is no longer avail.  Other available and similar options are: Body Central.; Alice Palmer Monochrome Bandage Knit Dress or go for the real deal, oh Herve...

Lisa is pretty in pink this episode (when she's not speeding around the race track in a jump suite that kind of swallows her up).  Here cute pink tank is from Forever 21 and is similar to the yellow tank she is wearing in her ABC Profile pic. You can get a similar top from Express.

Lisa's episode 5, rose ceremony dress is an adorable multi-colored stripe dress from Urban Outfitters a few years ago.  It has an exposed zipper down the back.  Here is Lisa wearing it for New Years 2009.  You can get a similar dress from Urban, perfect for V-day coming up and a tie closed back, instead of zipper is sweet.

Sorry Brad, we're having a weather advisory...just a major blizzard - no big deal.

Emily wore a similar dress to Ashley H.'s but with a bit o' sparkle to it.  She looked so pretty, as usual and was a classy lady, as usual, again.  Once again wearing a great Forever 21 dress (that sadly isn't avail), which again, does not look like Forever 21.  Possessionista confirmed this, too! Oh, just found it on EBAY.

Similar options in grown and black by Guess also on Ebay:

On the Group Nascar date, after the race car drive, the girls hung at the pool and Emily's polka dot bikini peeked through:

What was your favorite dress/outfit??

Favorite Blogger Outfit: Stripes + Colored Tights

Two of my favorite things are bright, fun tights and stripes.  While doing an inventory of the tights that are still intact (run and hole free), I discovered a new color I need!  Bright teal... A la Brittney at A Day in the Life Too rocks this colored leg (and stripes), and I'm totally smitten!

Her Outfit Deets:
shoes: steve madden
tights, necklace, & earrings: gifted
skirt: j.crew
belt & stripes: forever21
button-up: eddie bauer
bracelet & flower hairthing: downeast outfitters

What is your favorite {crazy, wild, fun} color of tight to wear?

Day 13 {Pastel}

Today someone told me I looked like Easter.  I don't know if that's a good thing or not... I guess my outfit is full of a lot of pastels.

The chiffon dress is by Donna Morgan. I scored it last August at Nordstrom Rack in Chicago for only about $50.  This is the dress, except in a darker color, and not $50...

Well - maybe it was a little too pastel-y.  Either way, the first time this challenge I wore this cocktail dress, and I wanted to dress it down a bit to wear to work.  It was a friend/co-worker's bday and after work, we went to a really cool bar styled after a speakeasy so I wanted to be dressed up just enough.

Speakeasies were establishments that illegally sold alcohol in the 1920s.  In Kansas City, Manifesto is under a nice restaurant in Kansas City and the entrance is in the back of the building.  You have to ring a bell and be escorted down to the bar.  They have a great menu of very unique drinks, and the decor is very romantic.  I loved it!  I am already going back next week for a work event, and I really want to take my hubs there on a date sometime soon.

January 30, 2011

Fitness Challenge Progress: Days 24-30

I can't believe we're here at the end - only one more day to go in this challenge! At times, I definitely wanted to quit and I was for sure challenged. Then there were times it was no big deal.  Overall, for me this challenge has kept me working out more than I would have without it!  Oh, but it's not over yet.  Tomorrow is the last day.

Here is my recap from the last 7 days - Days 24 through 30:

Monday, Day 24:  Ran 4.7 miles on the treadmill in my work gym over lunch, then after work I hit up yoga to stretch out these tired muscles!

Some good moves to try out!

Tuesday, Day 25:  Again with the work gym - back to the treadmill (and getting super sick of indoor treadmill running).  When will this icky snow melt?

Wednesday, Day 26: Today was one of my co-workers big 30th birthday!! So we had lots of celebrating with a fun lunch and happy hour after work.  So I only had about 20 minutes to try to get in anything that would help my mileage.  I just walked 1.5 miles.

Thursday, Day 27:  Definitely had to get in at least 4 miles to make up for yesterday's skip.  Hit the work gym at the end of the day - before seeing No Strings Attached and dinner with my good friend.  I think the movie was cute & entertaining, but Natalie might not have been the perfect part for this role - she seemed to be trying too hard.

Friday, Day 28:  The sun was out and temps up in the high 40s - time to take these legs to the great outdoors. FINALLY.  Of course, running outside feels totally different then on my own now.  I've gotten way too use the treadmill.  So walked a bit, but still managed to run most of the 4 mile loop around my work, keeping to the street where there was less snow.

Saturday, Day 29:  Took forever and a day to get my butt out of bed after a late night Friday.  Then with stuff going on Saturday evening, I had to squeeze in my (back to the treadmill) jog.

Sunday, Day 30: I participated in the Groundhog Day Run in Kansas City caves to benefit Children's Therapeutic Learning Center.  It was a 5K (3.1 miles) and the caves are tempered at 65-70 degrees year around.  I was super tired getting up at 7am, but once got there, was a fun run!

The Stats:
This week's total mileage: 24.45
Days 1-30 mileage: 96.75
Left to go: 3.25 tomorrow (last day of Jan)

January 28, 2011

Dress for Less: Country Strong Movie Dresses

I saw Country Strong this past weekend.  I thought it was a cute, entertaining movie.  no award winning, Oscar nominated movie, but something I enjoyed watching!  A chick-flick if you will.  I also thought some of the dresses worn by Gweneth Paltrow (who played Kelly Cantar) and Leighton Meester (who played Chiles Stanton) were very cute and decided to provide similar looks you can get!

First off is Leighton's white eyelet ruffle dress we first see her in:

You can get this similar white, eyelet dress from Laundry by Shelli Segal - here.

At the end of the movie - I loved the dress that Chiles Stanton wore when she walked into a bar (and that's all I'm going to say so I don't give anything away) .  I can't find a photo or a clip of her in this dress - so you'll just have to go see the movie, but it's a blue summer dress with small floral print.  Similar option via Shopbop:

Kelly's (played by Gweneth Paltrow) last concert has 3 wardrobe changes and they were all fabulous dresses.   She started in a pretty red dress, with sequin embellishments and cowboy boots.  I think I read somewhere (but now can't find it, of course) that this dress was specifically created for this movie/character/scene. 
Similar Dress options:

 Similar in neckline, dress by Nanette Lepore
Little embellishment around the neck and similar sleeves by INC @ Macy's;

Then she wore a great black mini dress with gold stud embellishments (kinda reminded me of a skirt I got from Kohl's awhile ago).

If you are looking for something similar, you can either find a basic black dress with v-neck and cap sleeves, and embellish it your self, or this T. Tandon dress is similar!

The finale outfit was a long gold sequin dress with feather details at the bottom.  Sounds like a whole lot going on, but she made it work:

You can get a de-feathered, similar gold sequin dress with a slit here.

{Movie photos from Official Country Strong site}