Chasing Davies: Day 9 {Pink Accessories}

January 25, 2011

Day 9 {Pink Accessories}

When I was picking out my 30 pieces, I felt that I had to include some basics - I don't know why, that just sounded reasonable.  But those are the things I have not worn yet, and that I'm not excited to wear.  So today, I made myself where one of those "basics" and tried to dress it up to be more interesting with accessories.  Not sure if it worked, but here is Day 9 outfit:

I wore my basic long sleeve gray shirt with metallic print skirt.  I chose pink tights and necklace to add some color, and wore more fun outerwear so I could add more pattern to my outfit at least coming and going.

During the day I wore my gray boots:

Later that evening I had an engagement party gathering.  I decided I wanted to change my shoes for it:

Thank goodness for accessories, or this outfit would have been uber dull.  I'm still not a huge fan of it, but oh well.  On to day 10!